Going green, reducing our carbon footprint and getting skinny in the process…

One of the more interesting things, for me at least, will be the fact that more than likely we aren’t going to have a car in Barcelona. You see, if you don’t know it already… I’m a driver. I love to drive. I offer to drive anywhere with my friends or family – not just because I like to be in control, but simply because I enjoy driving. My friend Kath and I were supposed to drive to PA today to go to the Boden warehouse sale and by no means was I intimidated by this drive, unfortunately we had to cancel. My 2006 Sienna that is just about 2 1/2 years old and has over 57, 000 miles on it – that says it all.

Anyways, you get it… I like to drive. So not having a car in Barcelona is a little initimidating for me. I’m going to need to walk everywhere or take public transit (which I hear is fabulous over there). But I’m trying to look at this as a positive thing. While I will certainly miss driving terribly (notice I didn’t say my car which I’m not particular fond of), I’m kind of looking forward to the challenge of having to walk everywhere. It will be a great chance to get in shape as well as to reduce our carbon footprint since we won’t have any gas emissions (ok, I can’t speak for Josh!). It will also help us to reduce our carbon footprint because I think we will be more cautious about the things we purchase since we will need to carry them back home with us – we can’t just throw the items in the back of the car and go. This holds true for groceries, toys, clothes, and more. I think it will be an excellent opportunity to differentiate between needs and wants. What do we really need to survive here and what do we want that will generate pleasure and is there a happy medium? Maybe this is a habit I can bring back to the US with me – I know Josh will certainly be pleased if this journey also reduces my shopping habits!!!

To me the biggest bonus will be my fantasy that I will be not only skinnier upon my return to the US but in much better shape because I’ve had to walk everywhere and not sit on my butt in the car. Realistic? Not so sure… but I’ve set the expectation so now I’ve got to rise to the challenge.


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