I will never do another yard sale for as long as I live!!

So we had the infamous yard sale this weekend. I think I spent a better part of a month prepping for this yard sale. I feel like I was giving away our worldly possessions. Part of me liked the idea that this stuff was no longer in my house taking up space but the other part of me nearly cried when I sold Liam’s cozy coupe for $5 and his golf clubs (that he loves) for $3 amongst many other things. Aidan did well up until the very end when I gave his scooby doo chair to Lindsey (and no Michele, we do NOT need it back). He had a little bit of a breakdown and I think finally understood some of the impact of this move. So I gave in and told him that we could use some of the money that we made to buy him a little something like a game for his DS. He wanted a Funkey (these little computer guys that you plug in and they create a virtual world – I told him not until he can read but after he literally sobbed in my lap I gave in on this one).
Anyways, so why won’t I do another yard sale again? Aside from it being a major pain in my ass for very little money? Well, for one, I actually got yelled at for my pricing (note to anyone who has not done a yard sale – do not bother with pricing anything, every single person will ask you how much an item is in the hopes that it is not the price you actually posted) and that I would never sell a thing because of it. Ha ha lady… I sold a good chunk of stuff so screw you. Sorry had to put that in there.
Secondly, I felt absolutely abused by how little people wanted to pay for my very good stuff – almost everything was in perfect condition, some things weren’t even opened!! I’d rather give my things away for free to those who will appreciate it. And finally, the yard sale is going to cost me more than I made. I made $250 to sit outside from 6AM – 4PM (my time is definitely worth more than that) and in the process I managed to damage Josh’s garage door, get rid of our wall unit that I HATED (but didn’t manage to sell so I had to leave it on the sidewalk for free), but in the process of moving the tv out of the wall unit, the tv broke (Mike Patkin, if you are reading this, it was the tv you sold to us oh 10 years or more ago…). So I had to not only go out and buy a new tv stand, but I almost had to go buy a new tv (thanks for the tv Sue, you are a lifesaver) AND I still need to repair Josh’s garage door.
So in hindsight…no yard sales!! Not worth the aggravation. I think I’m going to wait on more of the purging til we get back from Barcelona in Nov and I have a real feel for what it is that we are bringing or not bringing with us. Not to mention, I’m just sick of purging stuff at this point and need a break. It’s not like I can’t pull together this move in 6 weeks once I know where we are living. It’s more about the details like dog vaccinations, opening bank accounts, selling my car, etc etc that I’m worried about getting done!!!
Ok, I’m off to work on more Rosetta Stone – I’ve become obsessed with it. Not sure if that’s good or bad. And I’m posting my first pic – it’s of the yard sale. Wasn’t planning to post til we were actually moving but at least it will give you an idea of the scope of how much crap I was trying to get rid of!

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