The Final Countdown…

The movers came on Monday morning – like before, I had everything in a pile in the garage.  Out of sight, out of mind, not to mention, easier than telling the movers, take this, but don’t take this!  Per VP, we had an approval of 500 pounds for air shipment which by the look of it to me, was around that ballpark.  You know, because I could tell just by looking at it.  So the movers arrived around 9:30ish and the first words out of the movers mouth was “we’re here for the 250 lb air shipment.”  So I of course say, “I’m sorry, you mean you are here for the 500 lb air shipment, right?”  “No, 250” he says.  So now I’m FREAKING out… I KNOW it’s 500 lbs.  And I know I have it written down somewhere.  This is NOT a good start to my last week here.  Fortunately I don’t delete any emails and within minutes I found my email in my moving details / barcelona folder in my inbox.  I printed it out and handed it to him while he was on the phone with his boss.  Thankfully it was resolved in minutes…whew!!!

The movers managed to compress 500 lbs (it actually came out to 495 so I guess I really did have a pretty good eye there!) of stuff into 3 large boxes.  The only other freak out moment was when they weighed the first box and it came out to 210 lbs and I knew there were 2 equally large boxes left to be weighed.  It all worked out though and the last of our stuff is now on it’s way to Barcelona.  I heard from the movers today and because of weather and backup from the holidays, the boxes haven’t actually gotten on a plane yet but they will any time now – we expect it to be there within a few days of our arrival which is fine.

The rest of our goods that shipped in November is in storage in Barcelona right now.  It made it there before Josh left but did not make it thru customs before he came home.  So we’ve scheduled it to be delivered the morning we arrive; yes we are gluttons for punishment but we might as well get it all overwith in one day…not to mention, all our bedding is on that boat!!!  Josh only went with a set of sheets for everyone (no blankets) and just a pillow for himself.  So we need that stuff!  The movers packed us up in under 3 hours when they came to our house in November, but they insisted on being at our flat by 9AM the morning we arrive.  We won’t even make it into the airport until just after 10 and probably the flat by 11:30 by our estimate.  Thankfully one of Josh’s co-worker’s wife offered to meet the movers for us – thanks so much Cristy!!

So now the majority of everything has shipped and all we have left is what will go in our suitcases.  Not very much.  Our house is looking pretty empty right now – just some furniture really.  Everything is in the basement in storage or in/on the way to Barcelona.  I’m quite honestly rather sick of this transitional phase.  It’s not that I’m so anxious to leave everyone or my home, but I’m sick of living half in this house and half our stuff there – I just want to get started on this new phase of our lives and start making a home for my family.  So I’m actually excited about Sun so we can start on this new phase and just move on from being in limbo.

We fly out this Sun evening.  On Christmas Day, there was a thwarted terrorist attack on a Northwest airlines plane that was flying into the US.  Thank god it was stopped!  But I need to get off the internet because I’m constantly reading these articles about more potential attacks and this whole cell in Yemen stuff.  It’s nerve wracking.  Not to mention even stricter airline regulations which were already a bit on the strict side.  I appreciate the desire for the airlines and the government to protect us but there is such a thing as going to an extreme.  But you know what?  I’ve never had to protect an airplane and it’s passengers before so what do I know?  I’ll follow the regulations and that’s fine but I heard about security patting down small kids and I’m sorry, but I draw the line there – no one is patting down my kids!  Can I do anything about it, my guess is no.  I’m not crazy about that helpless feeling.

Regardless of fears, we’re off on Sunday and there’s no looking back.  This is it!!!  All this preparation for the last several months is coming to fruition.  We are really and truly moving to Spain!!  How is this possible?  It’s hard to believe it’s finally become a reality!   I have to say, I’m starting to get excited!  I know I’ll cry when I leave the house but what’s ahead is truly exciting.

We’ve said goodbye to some more great friends, but it’s not goodbye as one said… it’s just see you later!  Don’t forget that!  This isn’t forever – it’s 2 years.  And it will fly by for us all!   You’ll come to us, we’ll come to you, you know how it goes!  More to come in the next few days I’m sure!


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