Our flat… our home away from home.

Just a quick note, I’m feeling a lot better since yesterday and thank you all who emailed me with their concerns.  I will be fine and it’s going to take time to adjust but I will adjust.  I haven’t been anywhere today beyond the grocery store but it’s raining out (again) and I had my dryer installed today so I was homebound regardless.

So now we are all moved in and I thought I would share some pics of our new flat with you.  Some of you probably saw the pics we posted back in November when we found this place but obviously we brought some furniture with us, added all our possessions and wham, it’s our home away from home!!  Below please find some pics for your enjoyment 🙂

Our outdoor space as seen from the kitchen / living room areas.  Yes, it’s all cement and stone but it’s all ours in the center of the city.  Good luck finding that in Boston!
Let’s start with the funniest of pictures for today.  Good to start with a laugh.  So sadly, I just noticed this in my kitchen the other day.  The landlord put it here.  But what is funnier still is that Cristy, my friend who was here when the movers arrive – well, she thought it was funny because she thought Josh brought it with his two bags of possessions in Dec because what landlord would leave a picture like this up???  The fact that Josh treasured this picture so much that he sacrified clothing and other worldly possessions to bring his 1950s picture of pot with him.  Sadly, he did not bring it – this was here when we got here.  But it made for a very funny story.
The other picture in our kitchen.  I hope you are reading the captions that are actually on the pictures.
1/2 of my kitchen.  There is a door to the patio on the left.  The tall cabinet looking thing is actually my dishwasher (took me at least 1/2 hr before I could work it).  The upper cabinet is the only cabinet for dishes and glasses.  The big drawer on the right is where my pots and pans live.
The other side of the kitchen.  Tiny washing machine (you’ve seen what I can fit in here), our fridge/freezer.  The cabinet above the washer is actually our hot water heater so unusable space.  The shelves on the left and the cabinet next to the washer are the only places for food other than the fridge.
Front view of kitchen when you walk in
My new dryer!!!  Just installed today and yes, it is outside (which is why there is a marble casing around it) – it was the only place it would fit.  We paid for it and told the landlord we would leave it here when we go in 2 years which made them happy so they arranged (and we paid for) installation.
Our living room / dining room.  This is the view when you first walk in.  There is a nice slider (no screens here) that opens on both sides.  Yes there is one couch for the 4 of us.
We have a nice 40″ flat screen tv and yet my kitchen table chairs are $15 each and from IKEA.  Hmmmm… doesn’t feel right to me.  Though I do enjoy the tv.
Our absolutely stuffed bookcases and tiny little kitchen table.  The table works for now – we figure in another month or two we’ll be eating outside more often than not.
Hallway to my office / playroom / eventual guest room (once we get a futon)
Another view of the office / playroom / guest room – futon to go where legos are currently living.  Will need new place for legos I guess.
Making use of space – this bookshelf is also a part of my desk.  Comes in handy for work and art supplies.
Yes, this is where I’m running my company from… and yet, I’m making it work.  It’s cramped but everything I need is there.
Playspace part of the office.  Yes, we brought the storage unit from home.  It was the one piece of furniture I insisted on bringing.  And I’m glad we did!
These are the stairs that I fully anticipate will be the cause of at least one ER trip during the course of our stay here.  They are marble and slippery and have NO handrails.
Now we move upstairs.  Right when you get the to top of the stairs, there is a little alcove and that is where the kids clothes live and these 2 storage bins with clothes for the kids that wouldn’t fit under their beds or in the closet.  Just as a side note, under all of our beds are completely filled with space bags of clothes, shoe organizers and empty duffle bags/suitcases.  There are NO physical closets in our flat – only 3 wardrobes – one for the kids, one for me and one for Josh.  That’s it.
Aidan gets the top, Liam gets the bottom.  I cannot put one more thing on Liam’s bar.  It’s going to be tough when we hit that in between long sleeve/short sleeve season.
The boys’ bedroom.  This is pretty much it.  There is a tiny alcove in here that has a dresser that they share.  At home their dressers are each completely full.  Again though, they’ve got under their beds completely stacked with space bags with the rest.
Our room – this is pretty much it.  You’ll see there are 2 wardrobes on the other side and you can see some of the clothes bags sticking out from underneath.  The beds here really don’t go bigger than a double and yes, that is what we are sharing, a double.  The mattresses aren’t good either so we actually shipped a double mattress that we placed on top of the mattress that was already here.  The bed is tall but probably much more comfy that way.
View of the other side of our room.  I think this room is almost half the size of our roon at home.  Josh’s closet near the head of the bed, my slightly larger one by the foot of the bed.
Have you noticed we have no dresser?  We don’t.  My clothes either fit in this wardrobe (which has two small drawers on the bottom) or they have to go in a storage bag under my bed.
Again, making use of space.  Being the infomercial queen that I am, we went from Space Bags to Wonder Hangers.  Notice that all my clothes go down 5 layers on each hanger.  Yup, all those hangers actually have 5 hangers on them.  That’s a lot of clothes in that tiny space.  I’m hoping the hanger rod can take it.
Because I feel the need to share with you just how much I put in this little wardrobe, I wanted to show you how high I’ve stacked my pants and shorts under the layers of shirts.  There are 4 stacks of pants that go this high.  I think perhaps I brought too many clothes.
On that note my friends, the tour of our flat is complete.  Hope you enjoyed it and will come visit us!!

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