Take that Spain!!!!

With all valleys come peaks… with all ups some downs… anyways, you get the point.  So far I’m finding that there are most definitely going to be good days and there are going to be some not so good days.  You saw my not so good day over the weekend.  But progressively, things are getting better.  That doesn’t mean that things aren’t challenging or that every hurdle is an easy one, but while I may knock over some of those hurdles and even possibly jump over a few, I’m at least running in the race.

Overall the last few days have been uneventful.  I think mainly that is because it’s been raining…again.  Monday my dryer was installed though I didn’t get to use it til today.  That’s because it’s installed outside and while it has a granite casing above and next to it… I just feel that water (from the rain) and electricity (from the dryer) probably shouldn’t mix.  Though when I used it today it was an awesome feeling.  I’ve never ever been so excited to have dry clothes!  I may use it again tomorrow 😉  I thought they were coming to fix the heat in the kids’ room on Monday as well, but getting used to the way Spain runs and nothing is ever an emergency here.  My landlord assures me it will get taken care of soon.  I wonder if I held back my rent if that would help???  Probably not… And they’ve been very very nice to us.  However, my kids still have a space heater in a room with no fire alarms.  By the time it’s fixed, it will be warm out…

Anyways, so that was Monday.  Non eventful.  But that’s ok.  I got some work done which was a good thing – a necessary thing.  Because not only do I need to work, but I actually enjoy my work.  So it felt good to get semi-back on track this week.  I proactively asked clients for business this week which is a step in the right direction – if I’m asking for work, then I’m ready to do some work to get that business.  All good there.  And so far, the time difference has not affected me getting my job done – if anything, I have a bunch of work done before anyone is even out of bed in the US!

Tuesday, again relatively non eventful.  Rain, rain, go away.  It was probably my most productive work day since we’ve been here and we’ve covered now how that’s a great motivator for me.  I felt ready to take on the world.  And was excited to go out with Cristy in the evening… until unfortunately she had to cancel.  I can’t blame her – she was in breakdown mode.  Not to take advantage of her emotional state, but it made me feel good to know that I’m not the only one this is happening too.  And on the flip side, I was saddened by the fact that she too was struggling.  No one wants to see a friend have a tough time.  But I think it helps to put things in perspective too when you see that you aren’t the only one that cries when you can’t order in a restaurant or that doesn’t want to leave the house for fear of the unknown.  Mind you, that’s fear of the unknown, not fear of the actual surroundings – I just want to emphasize that I feel perfectly safe where we live.  So anyways, I was all excited for an evening out that didn’t happen so instead of letting myself be brought down by this event (ok, I had a few mins of self pity there), I took advantage and used the time to estudiando…. and I need to study badly!!

But honestly the reason I put this blog update in is because today is the day that I kicked Spain’s ass.  At least for now.  Because at some point, Spain is going to kick my ass again too.  It’s going to be a fight to the end…an ongoing battle.  You never know when it’s going to hit back so have your back to the wall and be prepared to come out fighting!

Did I do anything huge?  By absolutely no means.  At home, the things I accomplished would have been a blip if even that!  But today, I made it to Aidan’s school (via cab again – come on, I can’t do it ALL in one day) for our new parent orientation.  I met some of the parents of the PTA as well as new families.  Everyone was lovely and I’m sure I’ll get to know them all much better as time goes on.

After our orientation I decided to take a walk back home since the sun was (sort of) out and the temps in the 50s – I’ve done it before (sort of) and decided I could do it again.  This time I took a look at the map BEFORE I set out from the school.  The good thing is that in just one more week since the last time I tried to take this journey, I’ve learned a lot more of the street names and how they relate to where we live.  So I found 2 main roads near the school that I was familiar with and set off.  But no, I can’t stop there with just walking home.  I call Josh because something is wrong with my cell phone and I can’t get any emails on it suddenly.  I asked him where the Bright Store was on Lincoln (yes Lincoln, sounds very spanish doesn’t it?) since according to my map I was going to go by it.  And yes, I found that too.  Two victories in one day!!  How awesome!!!  So I got my phone, semi-fixed… I may need to go back again, but now I know where it is.  AND I found my way home without having to rely on taking a cab.  Oh and I used my dryer… so almost 3 victories… hello, doesn’t get much better than that!!

On the agenda for later this week….
Thurs – girls night that was rescheduled from Tues.  Can’t wait!!!  Spent this afternoon with Cristy and we’ve totally bonded and am looking forward to an evening of good food, some sangria (but not too much) and great conversation.

Fri – finally tackling the NIE number.  My foreign ID #.  Josh’s HR person is taking 2 other families and offered for me to come along as well.  So Thurs I’ll be tackling the paperwork to get that done.

Sat – possible birthday party – yes birthday party – Aidan had an invite in his bag yesterday.  Apparently they do combo parties here even if the kids aren’t related if their birthdays fall around the same time.  So this one is for 3 students, 2 of which are in Aidan’s class and the other is in the other Kindergarten class.  I’m not sure if we are going to do this or not.  As Cristy pointed out to me today when I tried to say, well we don’t know anyone and we don’t know how to get there… she said – everything will always be new here… ok.  Good point.  So I’ll talk it over with Josh and go from there.  Though it means 3 gifts for kids that I don’t even know and I don’t think Aidan really knows but it will be a good opportunity to get to know some people which would be great, not to mention for the kids to play with other kids.

So I’m excited that on this hump day, the peak of the week…to say that I’m on top of the world myself. I will take the bull by the horns and I will find a way to make this work. One day at a time.


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