Trip to Castelldefels

Today we decided to take a little trip outside the city to a beach town called Castelldefels.  We knew we could get there via train and for us, that’s a plus these days!  The big question – which station?  Castelldefels or Castelldefels Platja?  I’d heard we wanted to take the Platja stop if we wanted to go right to the beach whereas the other would take us in to the town center.  Well it turns out we didn’t end up with a choice.  Unless we wanted to wait for the next train we were taking the one that took us right to Castelldefels.  As we exited the train station we knew which direction was the Med but not necessarily the distance.  Soooo we opted for a cab.  When all else fails, get a cab!

He took us right to the center of the boardwalk along the beach which was perfect. We decided to head south which also put us heading towards some beautiful mountains. The kids loved riding their scooter/motorcycle along the boardwalk and playing in the sand.

However, the big winner of the day, at least for Aidan, was the beach jungle gym.  This jungle gym rose to about 20 feet high – and Aidan made it to the top several times (I held my breath each time despite the fact that he is and always has been very agile – it takes only one mistake!!).

After a great lunch overlooking the beach – seafood for the boys, so-so pasta for me (that’s what I get for ordering pasta at a seafood restaurant), we continued our walk south.

We found a little beach kiosk with a shark on it (fake) which of course attracted the kids.  So we stopped for an ice cream and to dip our toes (ok, all the boys did, tooooo cold for me) in the water.  Soaking wet but happy we headed home in the late afternoon.  All in all, a fabulous family day!  Tomorrow, hopefully the BMX Bike Show!!!


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