Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I went out in early November on a mission for a fake Christmas tree.  I wasn’t sure if I could find a real one here and the fake one is easier to manage.  I ended up at everyone’s favorite store, IKEA.  But they had some good deals and I did find a decent tree.  Though it turns out that Al Campo (our Kmart) also had some really nice selection of trees…oh well. 

Anyways, while the kids are going to make the majority of the ornaments I did pick up a few other things. Some stickers for the windows, a candle holder for the table and a few other small things. You would think the kids thought it was Christmas already. Liam actually kept asking if Santa was coming that night (again we’re talking first week of Nov). So I let them put up some of the stickers early since they were more wintery than Christmasy.

The boys find their Santa hats and immediately start to decorate!
I did have to put a few snowflakes up high since little arms can only reach up so far
Reindeer antlers + Santa hat = super festive
They aren’t the cool light up ones he left in the States but they have a bell so they’ll do…
Liam showing us the finished product.  Notice they both are wearing short sleeves in November!
The tree candle holder was also a big hit!

However, now that Thanksgiving has passed at home, it’s time to put up that tree and make those ornaments!  So on the day before we actually did celebrate Thanksgiving here we put the tree and I have to say it’s not as Charlie Brown like as I thought it would be though still not as big and full as our tree at home.  While the tree will reside in a corner in living room we decided it was easier to assemble in the middle of the room.  Although a fake tree is much easier in many ways (no sticky sap, no pine needles and no having to keep it watered) it’s just not the same as having the scent of pine in the house and real branches to decorate.  Perhaps next year (I find I keep saying that)…

Aidan has decided to decorate himself first!
Holding up 2 of the few ornaments we bought
Trying to figure out the tinsel
Works better if you just keep folding it
The first year we’ve actually had a star on the tree
A Swedish touch – they’re hoping Santa will put something in them!
Last adjustments to tinsel
Big smiles as the tree makes some progress

With the tree assembled it was now time for us to start making our ornaments.  I know this is not going to be a one evening project but instead a work in progress.  We’re dealing with a 6 year old, a 3 year old and a 35 year old (and I don’t mean me) with very little patience.  However I still think the few ornaments we finished last night were a success.  I’ll post pics of the final finished product once the kids finish their ornaments… ok you may just see the post at Christmas and let’s hope there’s more than 3 on there!

Liam is very focused making his candy cane ornament
Almost done!
Putting his ornament on the tree
Getting a little help from daddy

Happy decorating!!


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