Lanzarote, Canary Islands – Jameos del Agua

Northern Lanzarote has a slightly different landscape than that of it’s southern sister (where we were staying).  There is just a little more green to be seen in this area which makes it feel just a bit more tropical.  The weather is a little breezier and cooler than that of the south as well.  We made our way up to the top of Lanzarote to see a few of the sites we had heard about.  One of them is Jameos del Agua, yet another visitors landmark designed by Cesar Manrique.

Manrique had an amazing knack for taking what nature had already given us and just softening it up a bit for those to view.  The Jameos del Agua is part of a tube of lava caves that had collapsed and is now a restaurant, night club and concert hall.  When I look at what this place must have looked like before Manrique put his magic touch it, his visionary ability just amazes me even more.  How do you look at a collapsed cave and create this amazingly beautiful place from it?  It’s awe inspiring… just wait til you see the pictures of his house which will come up later!

The Jameos del Agua consist of two james (roofless caves formed when the rock covering the volcanic tube collapses) connected by a tunnel with an underwater lagoon.  The tunnel is part of a 5000 year old volcanic tube (amazing that it’s still there – something to be said about the longevity of nature when it’s taken care of!).  The lagoon is actually home to blind, albino crustaceans, jameitos, which are only found on this island.  They are also Manrique’s inspiration for the logo for the James del Agua.

The entrance to the Jameos del Agua
Cool door!
Working our way down the stairs to the main level
Amazing how nature is incorporated into the entire structure
The restaurant which is open to the elements (good thing it doesn’t rain much here!)
Another view of the restaurant
The lagoon
The albino crusteceans – how do they know they are blind is what I’d like to know!
Another view of the lagoon
View before you go around the lagoon to the other side
On the other side of the lagoon
Liam sitting by some trees on some beautiful benches
Mommy & Liam
Josh by the reflecting pool
Aidan by the pool
Liam and Aidan sitting on the bench by the pool – this whole place is a great place to just sit down and chill out with a drink and good conversation… too bad we had our kids with us who don’t understand the concept of chill out 😉
The theater – didn’t get a very good shot of it but it’s a cool place just the same!
Looking back at the restaurant from the pool
Liam going up another set of stairs…but wait, must be time for a break!
View from the top of the other cafe on the other side – we entered on the far side of this picture below where the cave is
Aidan being goofy… at least I didn’t put the shot up of him doing the butt dance in the window…
Mommy and her baby… with the Atlantic in the background…


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