Seriously, More Shopping…

I didn’t think it was possible to shop too much.  Ok, I know Josh wouldn’t agree with me there.  But seriously, the shopping in this mall was unbelievable.  I could have pitched a tent and moved in.  I was unstoppable and actually at one point did call Josh and told him I needed to be stopped.  And I’m not really looking forward to the moment he sees my credit card bill.  But I couldn’t help myself. 

With no commitments until 6PM on Saturday night for a dinner Katie’s family was hosting, I was free to do whatever during the day.  So of course, that meant shopping with my mom…one of my favorite things to do!!!  We hit the ground running and within 30 mins of entering the mall we already had several bags.

Eventually we stopped for lunch at a great Asian/fusion place that reminded me a bit of CDLC here in Barcelona.  It was so nice just hanging out with her!  But like the day before, she had to head out early to prepare for the dinner that night so my dad came down from Hooters (again!) and grabbed my mom and my bags and they headed back to the hotel while I continued my rampage.

My shopping for the day…

However, I did have to stop at some point because I, too, had to get ready for the dinner.  Slightly lower key than the rehearsal dinner which I think is as it should be.  Once again, I couldn’t get over how wonderful Katie’s family was and how welcoming they made all of us feel.  I think Minnesota has to be the friendliest state in the Union for sure.

My Aunt Joni, me and my mom
My mom, dad and I
My mom, Jay and me

With the big day coming up the next morning, we all retired early to our hotel rooms…


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