Feliz Cumpleaños a Mí!!

I was really lucky to have my birthday during the time that my two best friends were here – it was their last night here and it seemed like a great opportunity to celebrate my day as well as the end to a fantastic, fun filled week.  We had been going non stop all week long and there was no rest for the weary because we were about to do it up Barcelona style (meaning no one was going to bed before midnight by any stretch).

It’s was like having a whole birthday week with them here – the timing was just perfect.  When Josh asked what I wanted for my birthday, my answer was “an American style bbq with my friends”.  And other than having to do the shopping myself (since he was out of town til that afternoon), that’s what I got (oh and a new mini ipad!).

Caryn, Urs and I hit Sagrada Familia in the morning and then headed over to our new favorite Argentinian butcher shop for some steaks and botifarra (like a sausage).  Then we spent the rest of the morning picking up necessities for our barbeque.

Josh was in his element manning the grill.  Chicken, pork and steaks along with veggies, salad, desserts.  The table was an endless feast!  And in the end, a birthday cake (yet again with my age on it, when will everyone learn that I don’t want my age on the cake??) that Chris brought with her (thank you!) from a fantastic bakery near her.  Yum!!

It was a perfect end to a perfect week.  I couldn’t have asked for more!  Thanks to all who came by to celebrate!  I have very few pics – only the ones Frank took on Josh’s phone when I blew out my candles (if anyone has pics, please feel free to send!).

Ummm, what’s this???
Stop putting numbers on my cakes!


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