Going Home???

Tomorrow morning the kids and I are leaving for “home”.  That is, to Barcelona.  I’m really curious what it’s going to be like for all of us.  While I lived in the US for about 35 years, the last 5, the ones that are the closest in memory, were spent in Spain.  And for the kids, the majority of Liam’s life and almost half of Aidan’s life were spent in Barcelona.  Their closest friends are there and it’s where they feel the most at home.

And so it will be interesting to see what it’s like for them when we first land in that oh so familiar airport and head not to home, but a hotel.  And when we head up to school in the afternoon – not for sports or for classes, but to visit with friends, as a guest and not as a resident.  What will it be like for them to be on the outside looking in?  Will it be like when we went back to the US for the first time?  But they were much younger than they are now – with a very different perspective on home than they had then.  Or is it?

What I hope for though, with all my heart, is to see some of the biggest smiles I’ve seen on their faces in a long time.  They are doing well here – they are surviving, perhaps not yet thriving, but it’s early still, barely 6 months.  But I know this is a trip they have been looking forward to since they left on July 1st.

While we are overall playing our days by ear, we have a bunch of playdates, dinners, lunches and sleepovers planned for our few days back “home”.  I’m determined to not make it like our trips home to the US – I’m trying to be a little more “Spanish” this go around (one of these times I will make a trip like this not so chaotic).  I, for one, can’t wait to see not just my friends, but the blue sky and have the sun warming my face, even just a little bit.  I never thought I would miss my Spanish food, but I do and so do the kids, especially Aidan.  So we’ll be filling up on lots of tapas, jamon and more.

Anyways, I’ll post more during our visit hopefully, including pictures of the kids’ reactions which I think are going to be priceless!

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