While considering ideas about how to revamp this blog, I got to thinking and re-reading my old blog. While it had a lot of fun stuff about all of our travels that we’ve been doing the last 5 years, I really haven’t done a great job about focusing on the positives of expat life itself. Sure there have been some entries about good things, but their numbers have paled in comparison to those about the challenges that we’ve faced on thus journey. And while there has definitely been a challenge or two (or fifty), I would really like to think that there has been more good than bad. Otherwise why would we still be doing this crazy expat thing?

So it’s time to change perspective, or at least attempt to do so.  Maybe just in my attempt to find the brighter side of expat life, I’ll find myself doing better each day.  And while I don’t expect the blog to suddenly become light and fluffy, I do hope that you’ll start to see at least a little bit more of the light and fluffy stuff mixed in with the trials and tribulations that go hand in hand with expat life.  it’s a start and I’ve got to (re) start somewhere!

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