In the few days that we’ve been back in Barcelona, I’ve noticed a few things and as a result, I’m remembering a few things. Things that I’m hoping will help me when we get back to Amsterdam Sunday night.  First off, we’ve been seeing Barcelona through rose colored glasses – we are remembering it as it was when we left, not for the hard times we had in the beginning. It’s about remembering that things here weren’t always all that great.  I have to remember that we didn’t always love it here in Barcelona either, especially in the beginning.  Things were tough, really tough.  But we persevered and made it through and in the end, we fell in love with Barcelona.  But it wasn’t until we were visiting school that these thoughts really hit home.  

At school people would ask how we are doing and the response was usually “ok” and then to elaborate I would find myself saying “it’s only been 6 months – we’re still getting settled… it took us a long time to settle in here too.” and secondly that most of our issues revolve around school (that’s a post entirely of it’s own for a later date). But what has struck me in saying that is that it’s true. Those are the two things that we need to remember and get through – time and fixing our issues related to school. It has only been 6 months (not even) and that when we moved to Barcelona, it took me well more than 6 months to fall in love with all her beauty. So this is a reminder to myself to remember that these transitions take time and I need to be patient. I will try to remember that when we leave the blue skies, warm weather and great friends for grey skies, pouring rain, cold and essentially a non existent social network suffice for one or two people. 

Remembering that it does get better.  That while I don’t feel the love for the Netherlands yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I just have to remember that these things take time and patience, patience not being one of my better traits.  We need to dig deeper and find those little things that make the Netherlands special to us and remind us as to why we chose this unique life. But it’s essential at this point in the game to keep an open mind with the hope that someday we will feel the same for Amsterdam that we feel about our beloved Barcelona.

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