It’s a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life

Yesterday was rough. It wasn’t any one particular thing but one small thing after another that culminated with a puking child that had been fine just this morning. It was such a weird crappy day that I actually had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. I whatsapped my mom towards the end of the day, who responded “it’s a bad day, not a bad life”.

Those words. Those few simple words made so much sense to me in that moment. It was the lightbulb moment that I’ve been searching for. And yet it’s so simple I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before. Maybe it’s in the simplicity of those words that I had never given much thought to that idea til this moment. After all, we often live in the moment and don’t focus on the big picture.

I’ve had a tough time transitioning here and those words helped me to remember the big picture of why we are doing this. We have a good life…no, a great life.  Our children have had opportunities that we could never have foreseen – and actually, the same goes for us.  We never in a million years envisioned ourselves leading this adventurous life as expats.  We’ve had a few bumps along the way, perhaps more than some, less than others. While the last five years have presented lots of challenges for us, these last 18 months have been a challenge unlike any other, but we are going to make it.  And hopefully as a result, we will turn those bad days into more good days.  I know they can’t all be good, but my hope is that just like Barcelona, eventually the Netherlands will become my “normal” and our lives will just be our “normal” lives, albeit in a different location.

In the meantime, this phrase is now going to be my mantra.  And I think whether you live at home or abroad, it’s not a bad perspective to have.  So here’s hoping that today is a good day, in a great life.


4 thoughts on “It’s a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life

  1. That’s such a great phrase and one I’ll try to remember when we move to South Africa later this year. I might even tape it to the fridge! Another way I deal with days like that is thinking about people who are so much worse off than us. I even have a little family in my head that all live together somewhere in a tiny little shack that’s always really hot and the husband snores really badly so the mum never gets enough sleep as there’s no spare bedroom. …However bad my life is it’ll never be that bad!
    Hope your weekend is a better one!

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