Three in a Row: More Visitors (and one last trip to Keukenhof)!

You’d think with visitors three weeks in a row we’d be not only exhausted but done with the touristy thing over and over again, but it has been just the opposite.  Each of our guests over the last 3 weeks have come here with different purposes (aside from visiting us of course) and different lifestyles, making each visit completely unique and not redundant at all.  In fact, with each of our guests, we have explored things we had not yet explored which made it even more fun for us!

With Brenda, who had never been to Amsterdam, I got to explore more of the city than I had to date.  With Josh out of commission for our first 4 months and then a cold, blustery winter, I hadn’t been in the city all that much before Brenda’s visit. So we explored it together and it brought back wonderful memories of us exploring Barcelona together as well.

Next came the Giddy family, children and all!  They’d been to Amsterdam before so the pressure was off when it came to making sure we saw all the top attractions though we had to keep in mind that they had toddlers in tow that we could only ask so much of in terms of schedules, eating and napping.  On recommendation of a friend, we headed to the Noordoorpolder region to see the tulip fields, something none of us had done.  Win win for everyone!

Finally, we have the Ericksons here.  I think they are in the top spot for visitors over the years!!  I think this was visit #4 between Barcelona, Munich (we met up for Oktoberfest a few years ago) and now the Netherlands.  They have also been to Amsterdam in the past so we were able to find some other interesting and unique things to do.  In addition to the flowers at Keukenhof, we headed down towards The Hague to Madurodam and also to the northeast to the tiny village of Giethoorn.

It was a great visit with the Ericksons.  As with all great friends, we just picked up where we left off as though we had seen each other last week and not last summer.  The few days we had together were totally relaxed and low key with very little pressure to be anywhere at a particular given time.  The beauty of having older kids is that we don’t need to adhere to a schedule or try to be home in time for a reasonable bedtime.  In fact, last night Aidan (Liam was at a sleepover) was out at dinner with us and we didn’t make it home til around 10 – no big deal.

Anyways, since you’ve already seen pictures from Keukenhof from the last 2 weeks, I will keep them to a minimum on this entry.  Personally, I can never see the beauty of these gardens enough even though I know it’s a super touristy place to visit. Though I will say that even though that was the one thing in common with all visitors the last 3 weeks, it truly was a different experience viewing the tulips at Keukenhof each time.  With different flowers in bloom at different times, and the stages of blooming varying, it was like a new place each time we went.  We managed to almost beat the torrential downpours at the end, alas, it’s the Netherlands and it’s hard to avoid the rain for any given period of time.

As we haven’t been to Madurodam or Giethoorn before, I’ll save those for their own entries.  In the meantime, here are the pics from Keukenhof.






Kyle and Kelly at Keukenhof



















Brotherly "love"???

Brotherly “love”???




Liam actually took a number of photos with the "big" camera and loved it.  Perhaps a budding photographer?

Liam actually took a number of photos with the “big” camera and loved it. Perhaps a budding photographer?

We had a great time with Kyle and Kelly and are sad to see them go.  But given their track record, we know they’ll be back and we can’t wait!!  More to come on Madurodam and Giethoorn!

Knuffels en kussen,


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