Happy Birthday Aidan!  Aidan Turns 11!!

Ahhhh it must be May.  The trees are full of newly budded leaves, the flowers are in bloom …. And I’m surrounded by cake batter. Last week Liam turned 8 and on Sunday my first baby turned 11. Coincidentally his birthday fell on Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate “my” day than with the child who made me a mother in the first place?

Ten was a great year for Aidan.  At the same time it was one of his most challenging.  He’s coming into his own and there are times where he forgets to be a kid and focuses a little too much on being grown up.  At the same time, I have cherished the many interesting conversations that we have been having that are on a very different level than the ones we had just one year ago.  He’s smart but he’s modest.  He writes a mean persuasive essay as well (and it somehow managed to get him an iphone this year).  We’re pretty sure he’s going to be an entrepreneur and he loves learning about business.  He’s also amazingly funny, sarcastic and cheeky 😉

Aidan has shown how amazingly resilient he is this past year with our move from Spain to the Netherlands.  While he has had his frustrating moments, he has overall taken everything in stride.  I’m incredibly proud of how maturely he has handled everything.  He is more European than he is American at this point.  And he recognizes that his differences are what makes him who he is – this can often times be a struggle for him, but he’s working on it.

Speaking of struggles, Aidan’s have been mostly on a relationship front this year.  He misses his friends in Spain terribly and has been having difficulties forging the same types of relationships here – Josh and I know it takes time, but Aidan is frustrated and saddened by it.  As a result, he has had mixed emotions about his birthday.  He has been super excited about it and at the same time, very weary and not wanting to share it with others.  He opted for no cupcakes at school, made easier by his big day being during the school break. And he decided that he would not have a party this year.  We’re still hoping he changes his mind on that and perhaps does something small like invite a few friends to an amusement park or something.

Regardless of how he was feeling about the party idea, he was VERY excited for the presents side of things.  He had been begging for an XBox One.  He couldn’t sleep the night before and I heard him up around 5AM watching tv on his ipad. Suffice it to say, he was excited for his birthday whether he wanted to admit it or not!  We made a deal that he couldn’t wake us til 7AM though.

Unable to sleep because he's so excited!!!

10PM and unable to sleep because he’s so excited!!!

He was very happy with his presents and kindly let Liam help him to open them.  The big gift, he was told had to wait til the end.

So excited to start opening gifts!

So excited to start opening gifts!


We finally let him wake Liam so he could start

We finally let him wake Liam so he could start

OMG!  It's a gaming controller for the ipad/iphone!!!

OMG! It’s a gaming controller for the ipad/iphone!!!

He's own drone!

He’s own drone!

Aidan opened his big gift and was beyond ecstatic to see it was an Xbox One…. just what he had been begging for over the last months and weeks.

The BIG gift

The BIG gift

OMG OMG OMG!!!!  It's an XBOX!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!! It’s an XBOX!!!!!!!

Happiest kid in the world right now

Happiest kid in the world right now

Thank you Daddy!!

Thank you Daddy!!

He had asked for potato pancakes for breakfast so Josh attempted to set up the XBox while I started to prep brunch (at that point!).  Josh made us both a fabulous brunch to celebrate both Aidan’s birthday and Mother’s Day and then we bbq’d for dinner later on.  We ended up with a low key, mellow day – almost too mellow.  But it was a super happy day spent celebrating our big kid who’s no longer so much of a kid.  We can’t wait to see what 11 is going to be like but we think it’s going to be a great year for him!  We hope you had a wonderful birthday Aidan – we love you!!!

Ready to blow out the candles

Ready to blow out the candles

Knuffels en kussen,


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