Best Friends Together Again at Legoland Germany

So I’m a bit far behind in my blogging apparently.  Liam’s birthday was back in early May and he went to Legoland about a month ago as well.  You probably remember the happy dance Liam performed on his birthday when he found out he was meeting up with his BFF at Legoland right?  If not, you can see it here.  Well the time has come and gone and he and Josh headed off to Germany to meet up with Liam’s best friend Quinn and his dad.  And I think I can safely say, it was the trip of a lifetime for him.

One of the best things about living in Europe, is the easy ability to go somewhere new.  This is not the US where it takes 6 hours by plane to get from one coast to another.  For the most part, you can be in a different country in just a matter of hours – whether it be by plane, train or automobile.  While we can get to Germany by car in about 2 hours, Legoland was much further so Josh and Liam opted for a plane ride.

The other great thing about not just living in Europe, but being an expat, is that saying goodbye does not always truly mean saying goodbye forever.  The beauty of this life is trips like these where you meet up with your best friends from places you used to live in (or they used to live in).  And knowing that in the end, you have friends all over the world.  This is the case with Liam and Quinn.

As I don’t like to post many pictures of other people’s kids on my blog since it’s viewed publicly, you won’t see many pictures here from the trip.  However, from what Josh and Liam told me, it was a blast.  He said it was much better than Legoland England which we visited a few years ago.  They stayed in the Lego Village which gave them access to bowling, a ropes course and more.  The kids had an amazing time and I hear the dads had a lot of fun too. Since I wasn’t on this trip, I’ll keep this one short and sweet and go right to the pics!

At the airport and ready to head to Germany!

At the airport and ready to head to Germany!












My favorite picture of the trip… these guys are awesome!




And the icing on the cake?  Liam and Quinn did so great together that Quinn will now be joining Liam at summer camp this year in the US.  So best friends will be reuniting yet again in Maine in just over a month!

Knuffels en kussen,


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