A Few Days in Portsmouth, NH (without kids)

While the kids are away…you get the picture.  It’s been a while since Josh and I were away just the two of us.  We normally try to do a long weekend every 3-4 months without kids as we think it’s important to have an existence beyond the boys as well, but the last 2 years have been challenging between Josh’s commuting back and forth to Amsterdam / Barcelona for 9 months and then his dislocated knee which had him out of commission for close to our first 6 months here.So it’s only been in the last 8 or so months that we’ve had the opportunity to go away and between work, kids schedules, etc, we just hadn’t found the time.  When he was in the US with us for vacation, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away for a few days.

On our way down to Portsmouth, we stopped in to see Barcelona friends of ours that just opened a craft beer store – go check them out if you are in Portland, Maine – Craft Beer Cellar on Commercial Street!  I had seen Gina and Jorgen when I was home last year, but Josh hasn’t seen them since they left Barcelona a few years ago. So it was a very happy reunion – a fabulous dinner, even better conversation and a feeling like it was old times again.  What a great feeling!!

We finally made it down to Portsmouth, NH where we stayed at the famed Marriott Wentworth by the Sea, a hotel we’ve been eyeing for years but just never had reason to stay there.  It was a low key few days, just quiet time spent together reconnecting after what has been a disaster of a year.  The spa there was fantastic, but I think we’re still looking for something that comes close to the Marriott Ko Olina on Oahu that we stayed at during our honeymoon.  But regardless, the spa at the Wentworth was also first class!

Wentworth by the Sea

Wentworth by the Sea

Walking around New Castle

Walking around New Castle

We hadn’t been to Portsmouth (sadly) in about 15 years, since we attended a wedding there.  We could have sworn it was bigger the last time we were there and that there was a much bigger waterfront area.  We were wrong!  That didn’t stop us from having a great time though and enjoying our child free days, having a chance to just reconnect and talk about things that didn’t involve the kids – just life in general. That included a dinner with an old friend and his wife (whom we hadn’t met before this trip) which was a great added bonus to the few days away!



A few of the landmarks of Portsmouth

A few of the landmarks of Portsmouth

Knuffels en kussen,


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