One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So as you read recently, things have been better here so far this year.  I have been actively making changes in my life, or Changing the Dance, as my mom likes to say. But despite my efforts, I’ve taken one step forward and what feels like many steps back.  It’s like I can’t win.  Or maybe the Netherlands is out to get us.  It’s starting to feel like it – even though this most recent problem has absolutely nothing to do with location.

I joined the gym 2 weeks ago.  I went twice (I would have loved to have started off with all 5 days like the good old days, but had other appointments previously scheduled.).  The last time I went was Thursday, September 24th.  I felt fine.  Great in fact.  Friday, same thing – felt a little sore all over from a good workout, but no pain.  Pain is different than sore.  Saturday, again the same.

Sunday, however, was a completely different story.  I woke up on Sunday with the most immense pain in the bottom of my left foot.  It came out of no where.  I hadn’t had any soreness in my feet.  I’ve had plantar fasciitis before but this didn’t feel quite the same.  Not to mention, usually with PF, you feel it coming on slowly and it gains intensity as you continue to use it (which you shouldn’t, but let’s be realistic, I always have until I can’t take it any more).  This didn’t come on slowly – it came on suddenly, out of left field.

Monday was no different, in fact, it was worse.  Same with Tuesday and I probably over used it by walking to and from my photography class (about a 15-20 min walk on a good day each way from where I park).  All week, it has more or less remained the same – extremely painful.

Finally on Friday, I could take it no more.  I needed to call my (useless) doctor for an appointment with the hopes that he will suggest more than paracetamol and that I would likely have to insist upon an MRI.  The medical system here has a lot to be desired.  Of course, he couldn’t fit me in til the following Monday.

On Monday morning, I show up at the doctor (known as a huisarts here) for what would be yet another whirlwind appointment.  He agreed that it likely was a tendon and not a broken bone.  And yet, he sent me for an xray despite recognizing that it’s not likely to be a bone (an xray is not going to show a tendon).  The good news is that the xray was super quick.  My doctor appointment was at 9, I was done with him, drove to the hospital in the next town, had the xray and was done by 10.

However, it meant waiting yet another day to find out what’s wrong.  Because I wouldn’t get the xray results until the following day.  Surprisingly, the doctor called me today to give me the results.  It is normal that you would call the doctor, not the other way around here.  The xrays, as expected, came back with no fracture.  He suggested we step it up to an ultra sound.  It’s not the MRI that I want, but it’s a step closer.

Of course, I called the hospital to schedule the ultra sound and they ONLY do them on Mondays and Thursday afternoons.  The next one is Monday, Oct 12 at 4PM – ironically the same day and time as the orthodontist appointment I’ve waited six weeks for Liam.  The other is … November 5th.  Guess which one I went for?  Yup, November 5th.  So I guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer to find out exactly what’s wrong. Til then though, I’ll be taking it a bit easier.  I’m going to keep going to the gym (though haven’t been now in almost 2 weeks!) and work on areas that won’t affect my foot – that certainly leaves plenty 😉 and will keep on with my yoga, just avoiding, again, anything that might stretch those tendons a little too much.

It might be one step forward and two steps back, but eventually I’ll catch up – it’s a set back and I’ve had them before. Regardless, I’m going to keep doing my best to keep a positive attitude about it all and just continue forward. I can’t change the dance without any effort.

Knuffels en kussen,


2 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    • Well, I played the sad card at the dr the next day – went in and said, this can’t be possible!! Is this normal here to wait a month for an ultra sound??? So the receptionist called the hospital and they could do the Oct break (when we aren’t here). Better but not great. So the dr actually called another hospital and I’m going next week. Still not as good as going the same day but definitely an improvement of over a month out!

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