Liam’s First Swim Diploma

This has been a long time coming.  And I could not be more proud than I am at this moment.  Last week, Liam took his A level swim test and passed. This was a long time coming for Liam and he’s shown great patience, resilience and a drive to succeed that leaves me in awe of him.

When we moved to the Netherlands last year, we immediately put both boys in swim lessons.  50% of this country lies below sea level and we are constantly around water with canals on practically every corner. Knowing not just how to swim, but how to survive in water is crucial.

Aidan flew through the A, B and C levels within 9 months.  But then, he was 10 years old when he started and most kids do the A level at age 5.  So he had a bit of an advantage with experience and age.  However, despite Liam having an age advantage over most A level swimmers, he still struggled with his classes.

We had him in a 14 week intensive which involved swimming for 4 HOURS ever Sunday.  It guaranteed that the students pass.  He didn’t.  We weren’t surprised and changed him to private lessons.  It wasn’t just the language at play here.  Liam has DCD (developmental coordination disorder).  While I know this is a family blog about our lives, I do try to keep some information about our children private out of respect for them and this has been one of them.  But Liam has come so incredibly far this year and so not only do I need to share about his challenges, but to show just how much his hard work has paid off.

See for yourself how amazing he was at his swim test…


Proudly showing off his A diploma!

But we aren’t stopping with the A exam.  Today he starts class for the B level.  DCD is a challenge, but it won’t be a crutch that prevents Liam from doing anything he sets his mind to.  I have no doubt that this kid will continue to make us proud, in swimming and in life!

Knuffels en kussen,


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