Prague Christmas Markets

We’ve made it to Prague!  For years this magical city has been on my list of must visit.  Josh visited for a 40th birthday for a friend a few years ago, but this is the first time for myself and the kids. Til now, it’s continued to elude us.  But no more!

There were 2 reasons why we chose Prague for our winter trip.  The first is that any warm weather destinations that we were interested in were either too far away (we only had about a week to travel) or under terror alerts. The second reason why we chose Prague was because their Christmas markets were still open past December 24 (many cities close their markets on or before this date).  And if we can’t be somewhere warm, then I want to be somewhere that does cold really well.

Our first priority upon arrival.  The Christmas markets.  And they continued to be our focus off and on for the entire trip.  I’ll admit it, I’m a lover of any and all European Christmas markets. Especially the ones in France and Germany… and now, Prague.  We arrived the day after Christmas, Boxing Day to many and were fortunate enough to have beautiful, unseasonably warm weather to great us.  Now sure, it would have been more festive to have some snow on the ground, but when you are walking around a city for hours at a time, it’s nice to not have to skate around the ice and slush!

After getting settled in our hotel, we hopped on the metro (which was literally across the way from our hotel) down to the Muzeum stop where we could walk the rest of the way.  And lucky enough for us, there was a small stretch of markets right there in Wenceslas Square.  Perfect since by now, the ugly hungries had hit!

And the food… yum!  You’re going to see a lot of food focused pictures in this entry.  We grabbed some sausages and this amazing little pastry that we had several times over the course of the next few days called trdelník before hitting the road along Wenceslas Square.

We continued walking along the Václavské Námēstí running into markets as we walked.  We were now heading towards Old Town Square even though in reality, we had no idea – we were just following the crowds!

We eventually made our way to Old Town Square where the big market was being held.  The square itself reminded me a bit of Tallinn, Estonia with it’s huge open square and colorful buildings.  Add in a Christmas tree, Cathedral and tons of little wooden stands selling all types of festive goodies and you’ve got a beautiful scene set for a Christmas market.

However, in my opinion, the best time to visit these markets is at night. Sure, it’s more crowded but the feeling of the holidays with colder weather, sparkling lights and of course, the food, is something to experience!  The crowds did make for challenging photo ops but I think you’ll still agree – it was a beautiful sight to see!

Prague is a stunning city with so much to explore.  We barely covered the tip of it in our 4 days there.  But our favorite, at least for this time of year, was the Christmas markets.  More to come on other non-Christmas related parts of the city!

Knuffels en kussen,




4 thoughts on “Prague Christmas Markets

    • Hope you have a wonderful celebration too! Do you have any special traditions for new year’s there? In the NL the fireworks have been going off since 6am. It’s the only day fireworks are allowed and you can buy commercial grade. It’s a bit insane!!


      • To be honest with you just my family and some of my wife’s family are getting together in my house for some wonderfull home cooked meals and desserts, if all goes well maybe we will see the NL fireworks next year. Take good care🎉🎉

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