Baby No More

Before my eyes, my kids are growing up.  They are growing up much wiser than I was at their age.  Much more worldly than I could ever imagine.  And none more so than my oldest.  Yes, the little guy is all of these things too, but at almost 9, he’s not quite there yet.  However, Aidan is another story.

Our kids grow before our eyes.  They never cease to amaze us.  Often times, we don’t see the changes, they are so small over the course of such a long period of time.  But sometimes, they stop us in our tracks.  And we watch them in wonder – entranced with the people they are becoming.

I feel that way with my Aidan.  Almost 12 now, there are days when I think he might be 25.  Maybe it’s being the oldest child.  Maybe it’s just who he is.  Maybe it’s growing up as a TCK.  But he’s an old soul.  And I love that about him.  He’s insightful, kind, caring, inquisitive and quite the cheeky little thing 😉

I shouldn’t say little because he’s not so little any more.  In fact, it won’t be much more time before he’s taller than me.  We’re the same size shoe.  Josh confuses his tee shirts with mine all the time.  When did my baby grow so big?

He’s in junior high now.  This year has made such a difference in his maturity.  He’s incredibly responsible.  He has a ridiculous grasp on time management (something I didn’t learn until it was too late!).  He works harder than many – in part because of his dyslexia that “forces” him to up his game to keep up with his peers and also because it’s just a part of who he is.  Lazy is not a word in his vocabulary.

This week was one of those weeks where I just have been in awe of him.  It wasn’t any thing in particular but just a few small things.  He lost his final baby tooth.  A moment for me, as a mom, when I became aware of just how quickly his body is changing.  It’s his management of his education and how responsible he is when it comes to getting his work done without me needing to stay on top of him.  Another moment was when I took him to his first music concert over the weekend where he and a friend sat in a different section than my friend and I and I had complete confidence in his ability to be on his own.

And that’s just it.  I have confidence in him.  He is capable of so much and he is constantly exceeding what I think he can handle.  As a result, perhaps I push him too hard – wanting him to always work at being his best.  But knowing that no matter how much I may push, he will push harder – always.

It’s a pinnacle moment when we realize just how quickly our children grow and need us less and less.  And yet, at the same time, it’s an amazing feeling seeing what wonderful people they are becoming – confident, independent and kind – something every parent wants to see in their child.  I look forward more and more to our time together – we’ve hit the stage where he’s become less “work” (although I won’t speak to the tween/teen attitude that likes to rear it’s ugly head) and more pleasure.

I know that being expats has played a role in influencing these changes in our kids. Growing up with kids from all over the world, exposure to new and different cultures and languages and not to mention the hard knock lesson of people continuing in and out of our lives like a merry-go-round, is something that has shaped our kids’ views on this world and how they fit into it.

I, for one, am excited for what the future holds for my growing kids and even though I’m sad to see the baby in them slowly fading, I look forward to seeing the people they are becoming.  Just don’t grow too fast!!


Knuffels en kussen,


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