Quick Trip to Boston!!

I don’t remember the last time Josh and I went to a wedding and this year we have THREE! Two of them are this month.  What’s fun (for me at least) is that this year will be the first time the boys have ever been to a wedding as well and they get to experience three different celebrations of love – what a great way to start off the year!

Wedding #1 was back home in Boston.  It was a crazy fast weekend – literally just 3 1/2 days – when I say quick, I mean quick!  With Aidan in junior high now, he’s responsible for catching up on his school work that he misses.  He’s been stressed about it since this past September.  And so, it was just a quick in and out trip.  Just enough to say hi to our families, celebrate the union of two of my favorite people, do a little restocking of American goods and fly right back home to the Netherlands.

One of the hardest parts for me being an expat is being away from family.  So while this is a whirlwind of a trip, the occasion was important for us to make the journey.  We’ve missed out on other weddings, birthdays and several new babies making their way into this world.  We miss out on everyday life and while Facebook is a great tool to keep up, it’s just not the same as being there.  So when given the opportunity to make a trip back for a celebration, it’s important to us to be there (though not always feasible).

Those that know me, know that I don’t waste a single moment when I’m home.  And a 4 day trip is no different.  From the moment we touched down at Logan Airport, we were on the go!  First stop to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law to drop off the boys.  We had a rehearsal dinner to get to!

We met them at TARGET… yes, Target!  The boys were beyond thrilled at our meeting spot, yelling “target, target, target!! oh, hey Becky…” 😉  Seriously though, while only with them for a day, the boys had a wonderful time with Becky and Ray.  It’s amazing what you can pack into just 24 hours!  They went out for lunch, ran with the dogs, played catch, played old school Nintendo games, drove the ATV and so much more!  They came back to us with huge smiles and excitement about the forthcoming summer and all they plan to do with their aunt and uncle.  It warmed my heart not just to hear it, but to see it in their faces.

But the weekend was just getting started!  While the kids were at Becky and Ray’s, Josh and I headed down to Portsmouth, RI for Meghan and Mike’s rehearsal dinner.  Yes, we went to the dinner the same evening that we flew in.  We’re crazy like that.  But we made it – just barely!  It was a chance to catch up with some family before the big day!

Friday was a shopping day while the kids were with Becky and Ray.  With the jet lag we were up at the crack of dawn so we were at Target when it opened at 8.  Yay!!!  Ok, not so much of a yay because Josh is a total buzzkill when it comes to my shopping.  But it was still Target and I’m still happy that we made it there 🙂  Then it was off to Providence Place to do a little schmoozing – we didn’t really need much.  And funny enough we ran into a friend of ours while we were there!  Believe it or not, we went to our hometown to get chinese food for lunch.  Sure there are plenty of places we could go, but we know this place is awesome.  And it was.  And we ate… A lot!!!

However, with the Netherlands not exactly known for it’s stellar healthcare system (I will give the dental 2 thumbs up though) and Josh not feeling well, we decided to stop at urgent care.  Turns out he had strep.  Poor guy was told he had a slight infection by our GP in the NL and in fact it was strep!  Antibiotics given, we were on our way!  And made the decision that on Saturday we would take the kids there for a quick check since neither of them had been feeling great (and rather than detail it later – they are fine with Liam needing some steroids for a month long cough that our GP said was no big deal).

But no worries, Josh toughed it out.  He’s a trooper and was amazing throughout the weekend despite feeling like crap.  Poor guy!  His birthday is this coming weekend and we’ll make sure to do it up for him to make up for it!

The wedding was beautiful!  And I must say, the four of us clean up nicely 😉  It was really one of the first times the kids have really had to dress up.  I expected a fit from Aidan but it went over more smoothly than I thought (so long as he could put a t-shirt under the button down).  It was a quick ceremony and then off to the reception!


What I didn’t plan for was Liam’s jet lag.  I knew he’d rally but I wasn’t thinking clearly about how late the night was going to be or perhaps I would have sent him home with my parents.  But by 8:45 he was asleep on my lap and there he stayed.  So beyond conversation that was at my table, I didn’t really get to chat with many people.  But Josh and Aidan were social butterflies so at least they got out and about.  By 10:45 we had to just call it a night with Liam much to Aidan’s disappointment who was partying up a storm.  Again, hindsight 20/20 we should have just had him go on the bus with my aunt and uncle at the end of the night back to the hotel, but we didn’t think it through.

The weekend didn’t end with the wedding though.  The boys still had Saturday and most of Sunday before we headed back to the Netherlands.  This time was spent with my parents, while Josh and I headed into Boston to have a night on the town with our best friends.  I might have taken the “night on the town” too much to heart because I spent much of the night with my “new” BFF, the toilet.  Well that was a big mistake!! Regardless, I had a great time out with Michelle and her fiancée and Josh spent the evening with his friend, Pete and also had a great time (and delicious steak – so jealous!)!


As we know, though, all good things must come to an end, and this weekend was no different.  Filled with so much love, happiness and all things American; it was chaotic, crazy and everything that we love about home.  And as always, it wasn’t nearly long enough (seriously, 3 1/2 days is not enough when you have a 7 hour flight on either end)!

It’s weekends like these that make me wish we were here all the time instead of just for small pockets of time.  But one thing is for sure, we appreciate and love every single moment spent with those we love – perhaps even more so because we don’t get to do it very often.  We look forward to seeing everyone again (and the many that we missed!) in July when we come home for the summer!

Knuffels en kussen,


5 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Boston!!

    • It was such a great time even though it was quick. And just enough time to recharge a bit from an expat standpoint – know what I mean? A quick fix of the US and I’m good til summer 🙂


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