Unemployment, Expat Style

It’s a weird feeling to be unemployed.  With the exception of about 3 months right around the time Josh and I were married, I’ve always worked.  So it’s very strange feeling of not working – even if it’s only temporary.  Of course, I haven’t actually started not working yet, though that sounds strange.

And that’s because while March 1st was the day that I officially handed over my company, I was still notifying clients and vendors with all of the changes amongst lots of other administrative work.  It’s not all done, but it’s close.  This week I notified the last client and this morning, the last vendor.  I know there will still be transition items to go over for a while, but the bulk of it… is done.  I am unemployed.

But the date of March 1, the official transition date, just makes things feel… real.  And scary.  And exciting.  And sad.  And a plethora of other emotions.  I’m excited for this next adventure but also scared about the unknown.

I have this amazing sense of freedom right now.  The kids and I leave for Barcelona tomorrow morning and I’m not worried about taking my laptop to make sure I stay on top of work.  Because I don’t have any!  Though funny enough, my inbox and to do list are plenty full of lots of other things I haven’t had the time to get done and while I’ve always balanced (like anyone else) my home and work, I’m just not sure where to start!!  So after our quick trip, I plan to tackle those and then get to work on plan B – my new job…

Stay tuned!!

Knuffels en kussen,



4 thoughts on “Unemployment, Expat Style

  1. Enjoy!
    I am not working for the first time in my entire adult life and it does feel strange. Everyone that knows me kept telling me I will hate not working and won’t know what to do with myself and won’t last.
    I have found it to be the complete opposite. It has been 8 months since I sold my business and I am no hurry (much to my husbands dismay) to rush back into the workforce.
    It did take some time to break the habit of checking emails just in case something had come through.
    Enjoy your trip!


    • I have no doubt I can find 50 different things to fill the time. It’s just a strange feeling to not have to get up early to work (yet I find I’m still getting up early – I’m most productive in the morning). I have some ideas of what it is I want to do, just need to now find the time away from everything else to do it. The breaking the email habit is going to be the hardest – I totally agree there!!!


    • Thanks Amanda! I don’t expect this to be a permanent unemployment – I have too many ideas going around in my head! But it will be nice to have a little break while I figure out the next thing!

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