Magestic Beaches and Cliffs of the Algarve

When planning our May holidays, we went back and forth on where to go.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm and ideally to a country that we hadn’t been to before. Portugal was iffy because we’d already been to Lisbon, even though there is so much more to see beyond that, so convincing Josh that we should go south to the Algarve was initially challenging but once he saw pictures and we looked more into it, he was sold. 

What we read (and saw pictures of) was that the Algarve is famous for some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  And now that we’ve been there, I can confirm that!  As you know, we stayed in Praia da Luz, which had it’s own magnificent beach lined with cliffs along the water’s edge.  But what we saw when we left Praia da Luz made our beach pale in comparison.

The beaches are set between majestic limestone cliffs, making it a bit treacherous to get to them.  Having limited access is not always a bad thing since it keeps much of the crowds at bay.  Of course it also meant that what goes down the several hundred stairs must go back up again!  Oy vey!!  Going during the shoulder season we had the beaches practically to ourselves most days.  Though I can’t imagine what it’s like here during peak season.

One of the best ways to see the beaches and the cliffs is actually by boat and we did a few boat tours to check them out.  This first one is of the Ponta da Piedade in the Lagos area.

A few days later we headed just a little further down the coast towards Carvoeiro to check out the caves in Benagil (more on that in the next post).  We first did a boat tour to look at the caves which also gave us a great view of the beach.  After the tour, we spent the afternoon at the beach, Praia da Marinha.

But we also spent some time at the beach that afternoon. Watching the waves crashing into the rocks was mesmerizing and the sand felt so soft as you walked along the shoreline.  We took a walk through one cave and were the only people on beach on the other side.  Alas, the tide was starting to come in, so we went back to the main beach.


We had the small beach all to ourselves… too bad the tide was coming in!

The beach was absolutely beautiful to gaze upon, walk along and to just relax!  The boys were even courageous enough to jump in the very cold water a few times!  And by boys, I mean Josh too!!  I was content to just watch 😉

However, while doing some exploring, Aidan managed to see people having sex on a secluded beach that was next to ours (opposite side of where we were before).  He looked through a cave to the beach next to ours only to be quite surprised by a couple in action. Ahhhh Portugal!  He’s made it clear to us that this is a vacation that he will always remember!!!  And as a result, I’m sure it’s a vacation I will always remember too 😉

Knuffels en kussen,


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