Exploring the “End” of the World

Back around the 14th Century, Sagres, Portugal was considered to be the end of the western world. After all, the world was still considered to be flat back then.  With just one day left in the Algarve and lots of places still to see, we opted to head to the west, to the “end of the world”.

The town itself was much bigger than we anticipated as we drove through.  Based on the guides we had read, there wasn’t much out this way.  So we were surprised by how much there actually was to see!

We made our way to the Fortaleza de Sagres but never actually made it inside figuring the sights outside far surpassed what was left of this 17th century fort (that had been restored in the 20th century).  Cliffs as far as the eye can see, patchy shrubbery (the weather in this part of the Algarve makes it tough for much to grow) and down below… surfers.

Aidan’s focus was on seeing some surfers.  Because of it’s location which has a lot of wind, Sagres is known for it’s surfing.  As we drove into town, we saw a number of surf schools which only emphasized this point!

After taking a few pictures and watching the surfers, we started to head down towards the beaches and restaurants for lunch before spending the afternoon laying in the sun.  As expected, the beach was cold and windy.  It was the only day we didn’t have full sun during our time in the Algarve and it made a big difference with little protection from the wind. But we still spent about an hour on the beach before heading back to Praia da Luz.

Our time in the Algarve had come to an end, but our trip to Portugal was still not over. We still had Aveiro to drive to the next day.  Stay tuned for a few changes in our itinerary and the fun we had up north!

Knuffels en kussen,


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