Mint Tea – It’s What to Drink

When we first moved here, I kept seeing people drinking from clear glasses with greenery branching out from it.  Who drinks from something with branches poking out? Apparently everyone… now including me (and Josh).

Turns out it was mint tea.  And not the kind you get from a bag.  But literally the mint stems and leaves placed into a clear glass with steaming hot water poured over it.  Add a touch of honey and there is nothing more delicious on a cold, rainy day (which is most days here).  Well, maybe a hot chocolate.  But the mint tea has a lot less calories 😉


I will admit, I’m hooked and while not all foods and beverages from Spain or the Netherlands have transcended into our daily lives, this is one that I can see us continuing long after we leave.

Knuffels en kussen,


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