Spontaneous is not usually a word that describes me.  I’m a planner.  But year after year of exhausting trips back to the US has taught me that planning out every moment of a trip is not always a good thing.  And oddly enough, most of the trips we take as a family have very little planning beyond travel arrangements so why I have always felt the need to schedule every moment of every day when we are home is beyond me.  

Last year, I decided to try to be spontaneous.  I did an ok job of it.  Beyond anything that required advanced planning for travel, I didn’t schedule much in advance.  However, once I was here, I scheduled out most of my mornings, days and nights – as always.  I just did it a little more spontaneously than before.  But I was still overscheduled.  I did go back to Europe feeling less exhausted than I have in the past so I think I was on to something.

This year, again, beyond any travel, I have not scheduled anything.  And by anything, I mean anything.  I am literally taking things day by day.  It has been AMAZING!  I have felt freer and more relaxed on this trip than any previous trips.  I think I have finally found my groove.  It only took almost 7 years!  I do think not having a move for the first time and not working might also play a factor, but I like to think it has a lot to do with the schedule too.

We have been taking things day by day and I’m so much more chill as a result.  On the flip side of taking things a day at a time, it means our schedule doesn’t always coincide with those we want to see so there are going to be people that we will miss this year.  It’s not idea, but just the way the cookie crumbles.

It’s hard to believe we’ve already been home for almost 2 weeks already. The time is just flying by.  We have been spending a LOT of time with family and since it’s family who has always gotten the shaft in the past, I’m really glad that I’ve done a good job at prioritizing them this year.  The kids have been thus far splitting each week between my family and Josh’s.  They’ve also had a few impromptu playdates with their friends.

We’ve gone mini-golfing, to the batting cages, out to lunch, shopping, to the bookstore, to the park, swimming, to Babson and so much more.  It has been a fun filled 2 weeks so far.

Now, if Josh were here, I think it would be the perfect vacation.  Now that I’ve mastered the trip home, I only wish he were here to experience a relaxed Julie in the US 😉  I’m looking forward to him being here with us in a few weeks.

We still have about 3 weeks left and during those few weeks, I have a trip to Newport with my mom, a trip to DC to celebrate a 40th birthday and a wedding in upstate Maine.  So we still have a lot to cover in addition to all of our visits with family and friends!

We’re looking forward to the next few weeks of adventure, family, friends and fun!  We’ve had beautiful weather and with that has come a lot of smiles and laughter – much needed for us all!

Hugs and kiss and all things American,


7 thoughts on “Spontaneous

  1. Love this Julie. I too am trying to learnt the art of spontaneity. My husband is a pro and always has been. I prefer to have everything organised and planned out well in advance. I have been proven wrong on times when days out that were completely unplanned where the most enjoyable. There must be a happy medium. Right? 🙂

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    • So I’ve been terrible about replying since we were about but now that we are back to reality (and school), I’m back on the ball. Being spontaneous was so much better! For the first time in YEARS, I actually felt relaxed at home! I definitely missed out on people as a result, but at the same time, it was a good thing because my vacation actually felt like a vacation which it never does (it normally leads to me getting sick because of all the stress).


  2. DD and I have thrown the schedule out the window so far, and we are planning on doing the same for the rest of the summer in France. We’ve had some incredible moments so far! I wonder if it’s because I ended my contract end July, too? I am so glad you are enjoying your time at home. Mmmmm chowder!

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