The “Magnus Chase” Tour of Boston

I have a bunch of summer updates to do, but since this one was pretty quick and easy, I’m putting it up now.  Liam and I have read just about every Rick Riordan book for young adults (he’s the author of the Percy Jackson series if you didn’t know) and are working our way through the rest.  One of the latest is called Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. While all his books thus far have been great, the coolest part about this one is that it’s based in Boston.

Living abroad means that my kids get to come home once per year and get a whole bunch of history, monuments and more thrown at them all at once.  We always go into Boston at least a few times each year and I bring them to all my favorite places, hoping that they will have the same types of memories that they do for me.

But sometimes, the kids just don’t care and it takes something new and different to pique their interest.  Enter Magnus Chase.  He’s a Norse demi-god who’s just turned 16 and found out who he really is.  He leads the bad guys on a chase around Boston in the hopes of delaying Ragnarok (armageddon).  When reading the book, Liam was incredibly excited to know that it was based in Boston and that many of the locations mentioned were real (ok, so Valhalla might not be real, but the location it’s supposed to be in is).

When making plans for our trip home, I mentioned to Josh’s Aunt Ellen that I wanted to take the kids on a Magnus Chase “tour” to give them a little bit of a different insight into the city.  She was all for it and incredibly kindly read the book… but beyond that, she planned a whole itinerary based on a number of the locations that were mentioned.  We didn’t get to every single one and we forgot to take a few pictures (like in front of the Starbucks where we assumed Valhalla should be or near where we think Uncle Randolph’s house would be), but it was a lot of fun trying and it gave the kids a different perspective on Boston.

We had a super fun time looking for all the landmarks mentioned in the book!  The next book comes out in October and I can’t wait to see what our tour brings us next year when we are home.  Thanks Aunt Ellen, for the great day!!

Knuffels en kussen,



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