Free Falling

While the cat is away, the mouse shall play.  That’s the saying right?  Well apparently it applies to me being in the US and Josh in the Netherlands.  While I was away, Josh decided it was a good idea to go skydiving.  

Now, Josh doesn’t like to write for the blog (he’s an avid reader though) and though I asked him to write this entry (and one on Prague, Singapore and Tokyo which you’ll notice are not on here), he asked me to do it instead.  So you aren’t going to get the big emotions that go with writing something you’ve experienced since I didn’t actually do it.

Anyways, Josh somehow convinced some co-workers that it would be a good idea to go skydiving.  Or maybe they convinced him.  I’m not really sure how it worked.  But they decided to go out to the island of Texel which apparently is like the skydiving capital of the Netherlands.  Who knew??

The whole day was about 14 hours for 15 minutes of adrenaline filled flying and falling.  I can’t even imagine!  I do know that Josh didn’t sleep well the night before, filled with excitement and anxiety – a mix that I can’t imagine would be surprising when you are planning to (willingly) jump out of a plane the next day.

Since I don’t have Josh giving me the play by play on this one, I’m going to let the pictures and the video do the talking for this entry.

Here is the video…

He claims that next up is bungee jumping.  I’m all for adventure, but I think like the skydiving, I’m going to let him recruit some other (gullible) people willing to take the leap…

Knuffels en kussen,


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