Everywhere you see the letters A.U.B posted around here.  At the airport.  On the credit card machine at the grocery store.  In signs.  For the longest time, I didn’t think much of it.  Nor did I really care.  Until I figured out what it meant – I think we were at least a year or more into our time here.  It was yet another light dawns on marble head kind of moment.

It stands for alstublieft.  So what does that mean?  It means “please” or “here you are/go”. And it makes so much sense that I would see this abbreviated version at the ATM or in stores where there might not be space to write the entire word (the Dutch like really long words).  So now I know (and as we all know, “knowing is half the battle”) and hence, now you know that when you see AUB, it means please!

Knuffels en kussen,


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