Welcome Scout!

After 3 years without a dog in our home, the time has come to welcome the newest member of our family.  Meet Scout:

Born on Oct 16, she came home with us last week at 7 weeks old after waiting many months for her arrival.  We had permission from our landlord back in April to get a dog but by then we’d already booked flights home for the summer so we knew we had to wait until after we returned at the end of August.

We found a great breeder and there was hope for a litter that would be going home around that time.  Unfortunately she didn’t go into heat as expected and so we continued to wait patiently.  But finally when we were home this summer, the magic happened and not only did Scout’s mom go into heat but was successfully bred.  It meant waiting a bit longer for her arrival, but as you can she, she is totally worth it!

It’s been many years since we last had a puppy in the house (16 years since Jake and 15 since Sailor) but she brings new life into a house that has been missing a furry companion for a long time now.  I also love that Aidan and Liam are getting to experience what it’s like having a puppy since Jake and Sailor were already fully grown adults before they even entered this world.  Every time they mention she’s into something, I remind them of how they were as toddlers and that like with them, it’s a phase and part of being a baby. They’ve been incredible with her and love her to bits, just like Josh and I!

Welcome to the family, Scout!

Knuffels en kussen,



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