Ursula Comes to Visit

As I mentioned before, I’m just a teeny bit behind in my blogging so I’m going to utilize the NaNoWriMo month to try to do some catching up.  Sometimes having a time crunch can be super motivating, especially for me.  Now that I’ve started back, I just can’t stop!! Of course, now the challenge is remembering back to what happened in the last 5+ months.  Thankfully I had at least started a few entries and/or threw up some titles into drafts as a reminder of what to write.  I probably will miss something along the way, but nothing I can do about that now.

This past spring we had a lot of visitors, in addition to a little bit of travel.  The first of which was one of my best friends from my college days, Ursula!  She arrived right on the heels of our trip to London.  We’d been in London to celebrate a friend’s surprise 40th birthday.  It was a whirlwind visit, not quite 48 hours in the city and back to the Netherlands.  Not 2 days later, Urs arrived, ready to hit the ground running!

We covered a lot in the 5 days that she had here with us.  The biggest challenge, as always, is navigating around the kids’ schedules and having a new puppy.  So we couldn’t go too far away and we always had to be back in time to pick the kids up from school, and with sports every evening, we didn’t get out much at night.  I honestly don’t remember the order we did things in, but we spent time in Naarden (where we used to live), Amsterdam and Giethoorn as well as heading over to Keukenhof to check out the flowers, Zaanse Schaans to see the windmills and then to the Noordoostpolder to see the tulip fields.

I could post a million pictures about our time together visiting all these spots, but the reality is, the places weren’t the most important part of this trip.  It was getting to spend quality, uninterrupted (during the non kid times at least) time with one of my closest friends.  We get to see each other when I’m home every summer but that’s usually one quick day trip, or if we are lucky (like this past summer), two full days.  But it’s never enough.  We barely get to catch up on our lives in that time, so having 5 full days was just amazing.  And I’m so grateful that she would come all this way to visit me!

So thank you for visiting Urs – it meant the world to me to have you here!  Sorry it took me 5 months to write a post about it!!

Knuffels en kussen,


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