Double Digits in the Netherlands – Liam turns 10!

Well, this one is just a tiny bit late.  Ok, it’s literally 6 months, an entire half year, late!!  Oh for shame!  What kind of mother am I that doesn’t post about her kid’s birthdays??  Clearly one that hasn’t been keeping up with her blog until recently.

Well, waaayyyyy back in May, Liam hit a milestone this month when he made the big 1-0. He’s completed his first decade and it’s all been very exciting!

My third culture kid has now spent 4/5ths of his life in Europe.  At 10 years old I hadn’t experienced even a fraction of what he’s experienced in just a decade.  Heck, even by 30 I hadn’t done much of what he has either!  I suppose that is the benefit of being a TCK.

This past year has been a great one for Liam.  He’s grown so much, not just physically but emotionally.  While he still embraces his inner baby in the family, he’s matured a lot.  He’s funny and very witty and has a way with words.  He faces his challenges head on (sometimes with a bit of whining but never backing down).  In fact, I think this was his best school year to date and I feel confident that he’s going to be ready for secondary school next year.

He’s a great friend and a social butterfly (wonder who he gets that from).  And yet, he cherishes his alone time.  He doesn’t need to be surrounded by others in order to shine or be entertained.  His imagination still runs wild and I love that about him and hope he never loses that world as it’s what makes him who he is.  He’s become an avid reader this year – what parent doesn’t love that?  He’s curious and inqui

He’s been super active this year too.  Three sports plus his Lego engineering class (and since he turned 10, he’s also added a storytelling class).  He’s definitely keeping me busy!  He’s playing baseball, tennis and doing krav maga.  Three very different sports all done with the same endless energy.

He’s still an animal lover.  And no puppy could be more loved than Scout these days!  He must give her a thousand kisses every morning and every evening.

My parents arrived on the day of his birthday and Josh had to travel that day, so we did a celebration with our little family the day before with dinner at his favorite Spanish restaurant, Vida, and then his big surprise – a new Nintendo Switch.  You can see him thanking Aidan for the gift since it was Aidan who was able to find it (at the time, it was very hard to get here) for him.  I think he was a pretty happy kid!

He’s my ray of sunshine on a rainy day.  He’s my snuggle bug.  And he’s the light of my life who makes me both laugh and cry over the course of a given day.  And he’s growing up way too fast!

Knuffels en kussen,


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