“Ahhh Life” Moments

Life is challenging no matter where you live.  It’s all over the place – ups, downs, sideways and diagonals.  It’s sad, funny, frustrating and sometimes downright ridiculous.  But when living abroad, these things are intensified 1000 fold.  Things that seem normal at home no longer are.  You can either laugh these moments off or succumb to the frustrations that can be life in another country and culture.

While there certainly have been times when we’ve gotten angry and frustrated, most of the time we’ve found it’s much easier and cathartic to just laugh it off.  While living in Barcelona, we called these our Ahhhh Spain moments.  For example:

(In Spain) It’s Saturday afternoon – our hot water heater is currently exploding all over our balcony (thankfully it’s located outside and not inside).  Called the plumber. But it’s Saturday afternoon and nothing is open on Sunday and Monday is a holiday. “We’ll be by on Tuesday between 8 and 6”.  No emergency service.  Ahhhh Spain…

I know we haven’t lived in Spain quite some time now, but as I’ve had to do some revisions to old posts recently, my plan is to backtrack a bit to share some of those Ahhhh Spain moments with you – if anything for a reminder not to take life too seriously or to look back and laugh at the moments when we were about to give up and just looked at each other and said “Ahhhh Spain”.

And while we now live in the Netherlands, we haven’t quite come up with a new Ahhhh Spain term (ahhh Netherlands just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way) and so for the sake of this blog, we are going with “Ahhhh Holland”.  Though in all honesty, we still often look at each other and go… “Ahhhh Spain” when something happens.  So here, I’m hoping to share with you some of our Ahhhh Life moments of expat life abroad.  The good, the bad, the ugly of it all.  Short little blurbs that will hopefully make you laugh along with us!

To keep things well rounded, I’ll throw in a few Ahhhh USA and Ahhhh Europe moments here and there as well.  Hope you enjoy!


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