Paradise on the Indian Ocean

We love to travel and we do it a lot as you can probably tell.  Most of our trips tend to be more city type of vacations but we try to make a point every year of doing at least one relaxing beach vacation.  And this year our trip to Tanzania is hands down one of our top beach trips ever.  Paxos, Menorca and Croatia are all up there but I’m not sure if they can compete with Tanzania when it comes to the beach. Continue reading

Sunrises Over the Indian Ocean

I’m a morning person, always have been.  I try, though, not to be up at dawn.  But when you go to bed early, it’s only natural to wake up early.  Not to mention the stifling heat is keeping me from getting a full night’s sleep.  And… there is a very big Muslim population in the area and there is a call to prayer EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING at 4:45.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with it… just wish it was slightly later because 4:45 is mighty early!  As the rest of my family sleeps like the dead it hasn’t seemed to bother them at all.  But since I’m up, I’ve been watching the sun rise.  It’s an amazing phenomenon to see and every morning is so spectacular and so different, that I felt like my favorite pictures deserved their own entry.  So here are some of my favorites from the week… Continue reading

Local Village Tours

One of the most memorable experiences of this trip to Tanzania has been seeing the local villages and how the indigenous people live here.  While we only got a small taste of this, I expect it will have a lasting impact on us.  We found it educational, upsetting and also eye-opening.  After speaking with some other (more prosperous) locals, it was explained to us that while these people live in poverty, it is not acute poverty – that you see more inland.  By living in coastal regions, these people always can rely on the sea and will not starve unlike their counterparts inland who have to rely on crops and cattle.  We were also told that more often than not, the villagers do not want the government’s help and chose to live this difficult but yet very simple lifestyle. Continue reading

From Safaris to the Beach

The original plan for this trip was a warm weather destination where we could go to the beach.  When planning it, we kept finding ourselves having to go further and further south in order to find somewhere that had beach weather.  We added on the safaris after planning the beach portion of our trip as kind of an aside…but the beach, that’s where we wanted to go!

After our final safari with Tent with a View, we made the 2 hour trek on dirt, pothole filled roads (without dirt it was probably less than an hour) to The Tides Lodge ( in the Pangani / Tanga region.  It was a bumpy ride for sure, but with an open sided jeep, at least we didn’t have Continue reading