Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

Ok, there were no tigers or bears in this park and in the end, we didn’t see any lions (though they do live there and apparently one ate a bicyclist the day we left the park but then I personally wouldn’t bicycle thru a game reserve) either, but I couldn’t think of a better title to start out our safari experience J.  First off, let me state that Saadani is not a Big 5 park, the Big 5 being the lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant and rhino.  We knew going into this part of our trip that certain animals were unlikely to be seen and some definitely not at all.  Saadani does have 4 of the Big Five, but up until 10 years ago, this area was poached, a lot. And it’s only been in the last 10 years that it has become a national park where the Continue reading

Puddle Jumper to Saadani

In order to get to our first lodge, Room with a View, in the Saadani National Park, we had to take a little puddle jumper, 15 seat plane.  Now, I’m not a good flyer on any day and this flight had me stressed from the moment I booked it.  But in order to squeeze in 2 ½ days of safari, it was necessary for us to fly instead of drive to Saadani (which takes about 4 – 5 hours from Dar es Salaam).
On the way to the airport we were struck by the poverty in the area.  Not only tons of people crammed on buses, but many were also just sitting together under trees on the side of the road.  Buildings were run down as was everything around us.  It saddened me to no end to see people having to live this way.  Again, I wish I had taken some pictures but there never seemed to be the right opportunity.  Our driver did tell us that schools there often had 100 kids in a class – this is in the city!  And to do private school is very costly.  I don’t even know how it came up but regardless of how, this statistic is dumbfounding as I don’t know how any student can learn and hope to improve their situation when in that kind of environment.

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