It’s Been a While

It’s been 5 months since my last post.  In 8 years of blogging, I’ve never gone more than a few weeks, so 5 months feels like a lifetime.  I’ve been wanting to write and yet, I haven’t. I’ve hit a phase here where now that we’ve bought a house here in the Netherlands, I’m feeling rather content.  My blogging was a way to deal with frustrations, celebrate victories and more than anything, to have a record of this adventure for the kids when they got older.  But things change and so have I. Continue reading

A New Start

I’ve been a bit incommunicado lately.  I don’t have one good reason, but several weak ones. I’ve been busy.  And I had a little freak out about putting my family on a public forum (still kind of freaking out about that). Between the new house and new puppy, our 2016 ended on a beautifully high, but very busy, note.  It was a year full of positive change and self discovery and now that the new year is well under way (I’m sooooo far behind in my writing), we’ve been making even more changes to our lives and my writing had been taking a bit of a back burner to getting things done.   Continue reading

Moving… AGAIN

After 7 years and 7 moves, I’m about done with moving.  This time is made more complicated by the fact that we aren’t just moving into a new house and unpacking, but instead are renovating the house that we bought and moving during the process.  So we are surrounded by boxes in both places right now, as well as construction, once again in this limbo space that I despise. Continue reading

Our New Moving Tradition – The ER

For the longest time, our family “tradition” involved having at least one child (usually Liam) puke on any given trip.  It wasn’t a good trip unless we could count on Liam vomiting somewhere, and bonus if it was multiple times (remember that trip to the US when he puked 11 times???).  As Liam has gotten older, this phase seems to, thankfully, be waning.  However, a new “tradition” seems to be emerging. Continue reading

Expat-iversary Lucky Number 7

Seven years ago on January 5th, we arrived in Barcelona with no idea the adventure we were about to embark on.  Two years felt like it was going to be forever!  Who would have known that 2 years would end up 7 and still counting?  One country would end up being two?  And that we’d end up buying a house with plans to settle down in Europe for the foreseeable future? Continue reading

Buying a House in the Netherlands – Part 2

You read about how we are buying a house in the Netherlands in my last entry, in fact we’ve already closed on the property as of December 30th.  I’m still in shock that we’ve gone ahead and made this leap!!  But as far as you, the reader, goes, I’m still talking about the process of what it took to get to this point.

Continue reading

Buying a House in the Netherlands – Part 1

Sorry that I’ve been a bit out of sight, out of mind lately.  Between getting ready for the move, the puppy’s arrival and the holidays, it’s been a bit crazy here.  And after NaNoWriMo, I just haven’t been in writing mode.  Thankfully I’d started a few posts prior to my November writing contest and just needed to add a few finishing touches. This being one of them:

So now you know that we’ve made the decision to buy a house here in the Netherlands (a little late on this since we actually closed on the house yesterday!). It wasn’t planned but like so many things we’ve done in the last 6 1/2 years, rather spontaneous.  But it felt right.  However, it also felt scary – as it should! Continue reading

Welcome Scout!

After 3 years without a dog in our home, the time has come to welcome the newest member of our family.  Meet Scout:

Born on Oct 16, she came home with us last week at 7 weeks old after waiting many months for her arrival.  We had permission from our landlord back in April to get a dog but by then we’d already booked flights home for the summer so we knew we had to wait until after we returned at the end of August.

We found a great breeder and there was hope for a litter that would be going home around that time.  Unfortunately she didn’t go into heat as expected and so we continued to wait patiently.  But finally when we were home this summer, the magic happened and not only did Scout’s mom go into heat but was successfully bred.  It meant waiting a bit longer for her arrival, but as you can she, she is totally worth it!

It’s been many years since we last had a puppy in the house (16 years since Jake and 15 since Sailor) but she brings new life into a house that has been missing a furry companion for a long time now.  I also love that Aidan and Liam are getting to experience what it’s like having a puppy since Jake and Sailor were already fully grown adults before they even entered this world.  Every time they mention she’s into something, I remind them of how they were as toddlers and that like with them, it’s a phase and part of being a baby. They’ve been incredible with her and love her to bits, just like Josh and I!

Welcome to the family, Scout!

Knuffels en kussen,