The Curse of the Umbrella – One Last Day in Belgium

As you saw yesterday, we bought Liam a new, cheap, umbrella because our babysitter here had borrowed his.  He had a rain coat with him but it just wasn’t warm enough and our umbrellas just weren’t big enough to fit two people under them without someone still getting wet.  So cheapy umbrella it was.  And within 10 minutes Liam had cut his finger on the umbrella, badly enough that it was bleeding pretty good (see the blog from yesterday for the picture). Continue reading

And the Children Beg…NO MORE CHOCOLATE!!! (Bruges, Belgium)

Thankfully our trip has been getting better with time.   Although today, we started the day off a little rough… ok, rough for Liam.  Ever since our trip to Italy in April where he ended up with stitches, Liam is über sensitive to any kind of cut or scrape.  So Liam’s umbrella has been with one of our baby sitters for a while.  And it was raining pretty hard out this morning.  I had brought his rain coat with us and we’ve used it the last two days but it’s been really cold and even though he’s been wearing it with his fleece underneath, I felt that he really should be wearing his winter coat.  So he had no protection Continue reading

Fun Surprises (and some disturbing ones) in Ghent

We decided when planning this trip that everywhere we wanted to go was within an easy train distance from Brussels.  And with little kids we didn’t want to be changing hotels every evening.  So with Brussels as our homebase, we decided we will spend one day in Brussels, one in Ghent and one day in Bruges – covering 3 of Belgium’s 4 cities (we won’t have enough time to make it to Antwerp) – our last day is a Sunday and since nothing will be likely open, we’ll just lay low around the area of our hotel til we have to leave for our flight. Continue reading

Chocolate, Waffles, Mussels and Fries…Our First Day in Brussels

I think with my stomach all the time.  Especially on vacation.  As soon as one meal is done I’m immediately thinking, ok, where are we going for our next meal.  The idea of going to Belgium was appealing to me as it had food that I like, and I’m a picky eater.  We don’t usually take the kids on a lot of city vacations but I had a feeling that they would be cool with a city full of chocolate, waffles, mussels and of course, french fries (with mayo, just as we like it). Continue reading

The Meltdown… The Start to Our Belgian Weekend

There are moments when I plan travel where I clearly don’t think very well.  This weekend’s trip is one of those examples.  Always on the hunt for a bargain, especially when travelling as a family of four, I had found reasonable flights for us to go to Belgium over the All Saints Day long weekend – a 4 day weekend to somewhere we hadn’t travelled before. Continue reading