One Last Day in Croatia – A Day in Split

Somehow it worked out that it was less expensive for us to stay an extra night in Croatia rather than us going back to Barcelona on Saturday.  Sure it meant that we were getting back the day before school started but it meant that we were going to get at least a half of a day to explore Split since that was where we were flying out of.

We got on an early ferry, around 8AM and started our trek back towards Split.  We expected the trip to take us around 3 hours and this time, it was pretty spot on!  We did notice the GPS once again tried to take us to Pag Island again but we were wiser this time around!

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Rab Island, Croatia – Island Paradise

It was strange arriving on Rab on Saturday.  We took an auto ferry from Stinica.  Pretty much the only thing that is in Stinica is the ferry so it was easy to find.  We drove off the ferry and the instructions from the realtor said, go straight on the road.  I didn’t have to worry about being confused as to which road because there was only one road leading off the ferry and onto the island.

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A Huge Undertaking – Roadtripping from Dubrovnik to Stinica

Again, when we planned this trip, we knew there would be some driving involved.  I think we just didn’t anticipate how much.  Our 2 1/2 hour journey from Split to Dubrovnik was filled with windy, slow driving roads making it closer to a 3 1/2 hour trip instead.  So it should be no surprise that our trip from Dubrovnik to Stinica in the north, where we would catch our ferry to Rab Island, took 10 1/2 hours instead of the expected 6.  Yes that is 4 1/2 hours longer than we planned.  It was a LONG LONG day!  I will say this though – 1.  The kids were amazing.  2.  Liam didn’t puke once despite the super windy roads (and they were ridiculously windy and I almost puked) and 3. This is a beautiful country to drive through.

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Two Days in the Old City of Dubrovnik

With less than 2 days to explore Dubrovnik, we focused on the Old City.  Thankfully we were staying right on the edge of the walled city, less than a 5 minute walk thru pedestrian streets lined with old buildings, cobblestones and a few beaches.

We arrived around mid afternoon and despite the apartment owner’s instructions, had a little trouble finding the actual apartment.  The parking lot was down a 2 way lane that barely was wide enough for one car (Michelle McCann, let me point out once again that that street in Italy could have been a valid street!!!).  On our way to the apartment, we had to drive by parts of the walled city which were stunning. Continue reading