First Stop – Copenhagen, Denmark

(July 3, 2014) We’ve been to Copenhagen before so this was actually a great first stop for us. Less pressure getting off the boat at a particular time plus getting an idea of the procedure for disembarking. As expected, it was a fairly streamlined process. Royal Caribbean has been doing this for quite some time, they’ve got these procedures down to a science.

For a little background, Copenhagen was founded in the 10th century and was originally a Viking village.  It only became the capital of Denmark in the 15th century.  It’s also one of the richest cities in the world.  Given it’s location and the fact that in the winter there are only 1-2 hours of sun per day (because of precipitation, not because it’s dark), obviously these people are spending their days in the office making money.  I can’t say I blame them. From March til May, they get 4-6 hours of sun per day – still not enough for me.  What I also found out is that Denmark is a very green country and Copenhagen is one of the most environmentally friendly city in the world.  The aim is to be carbon neutral by 2025, not too far off into the future.  As we continued on past Copenhagen we saw hundreds upon hundreds of wind farms in the sea which are owned by Denmark.

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Quick Stop in Copenhagen

We decided a few months ago that we wanted to make a trip to Iceland during the kids Semana Blanca in February.  After searching in vain for a decent (as in low price, direct flight), we found that there is nothing that goes direct from Barcelona to Reykjavik this time of year.  I ended up searching for places that we could get to from Barcelona that did fly to Iceland.  One of these was Copenhagen.

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