Best Friends Together Again at Legoland Germany

So I’m a bit far behind in my blogging apparently.  Liam’s birthday was back in early May and he went to Legoland about a month ago as well.  You probably remember the happy dance Liam performed on his birthday when he found out he was meeting up with his BFF at Legoland right?  If not, you can see it here.  Well the time has come and gone and he and Josh headed off to Germany to meet up with Liam’s best friend Quinn and his dad.   Continue reading

A Travel Treat for the Kids – Legoland!

I find that many of our trips, while adjusted to a degree for the boys (trips to aquariums, childrens museums, etc), they are not necessarily for the boys in the sense that they could care less about where we go and what we do.  I know I just said in my last entry that we do a lot of this travel for them and yes, it’s true to a point.  We know they don’t really appreciate it at their ages but hopefully someday they will look back and recognize how lucky they were to have these experiences and to see some of the most amazing places in Europe.  But we are also doing it for Josh and I.  WE also want to see the world.  We just adjust ourselves for little children and their needs.  But every now and again we try to plan something that is just for them.  Hence, Legoland.   Continue reading