It’s Been a While

It’s been 5 months since my last post.  In 8 years of blogging, I’ve never gone more than a few weeks, so 5 months feels like a lifetime.  I’ve been wanting to write and yet, I haven’t. I’ve hit a phase here where now that we’ve bought a house here in the Netherlands, I’m feeling rather content.  My blogging was a way to deal with frustrations, celebrate victories and more than anything, to have a record of this adventure for the kids when they got older.  But things change and so have I. Continue reading

Our Final Day – London Aquarium

We were incredibly lucky with the weather in London pretty much the entire time we were there.  We had temps in the upper 40s during the day with sun (yes sun, in London!).  However, as we knew, this couldn’t last.  And our last day the weather was… blech…. it started off with some rain (surprise!) and temps in the lower 30s with a promise of only improving by a few degrees. Continue reading

The London Science Museum…and Chinese Food

That title is probably a bit misleading.  But those were the two big highlights of our 4th day in London so I suppose it’s apt. And… I couldn’t think of another title.  On another note, I just want to point out that museums in London are free.  They are huge, beautifully maintained and free.  This would probably explain why most of London was in the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum on the days that we wanted to tour them as well.

Continue reading

Dinosaurs and More!!

Once again, we started out strong at 10AM (seriously, what happened to the American in us if we can’t get out the door before 10AM on a given day unless it’s school or work related?).  Our goal this morning, the Natural History Museum.  Our handyman had suggested it to us as there is a huge display of dinosaur bones being shown there that the boys would like. Continue reading

History Lessons – London Day 2

Our second day started off much better than the first one.  We hit the ground running around 10AM.  The great thing about our kids these days is their flexibility.  Gone are the days where we have to be back for nap or bedtimes, and while they need to eat, they can also do it on the run.  So there is no longer a need for us to be out the door at the crack of dawn for just a few precious hours.   Continue reading

Third Time is the Charm… London – Finally!!

After two failed attempts to go to London, we are FINALLY going!!  Yes, finally.  Amazing that we have lived in Europe for 3 years now and have not yet made it to one of the most famous cities in the world (aside from flying through Heathrow that is).  Our first year we were in the airport getting ready to board our flight here when all the air traffic controllers in Spain went on the strike.  Before our eyes, the entire airport emptied out… London.Fail.  The second attempt was this past fall when we made a trip to Legoland, Windsor and the Cotswolds.  We hadn’t planned on a trip Continue reading

Our (Failed) Attempt to See London

Since the kids weren’t as enthused with our nature hike thru Chipping Campden as I had hoped, my original plans of hitting another Cotswolds town or two and exploring before heading to the airport no longer seemed like a good idea for Sunday. They have, apparently, become city children.  So I made the (mistaken) suggestion of heading into London.  The kids were super excited by the idea and Aidan was talking about Hamleys, a huge toy store he’d heard about through kids at school. Because yes, that is the whole purpose of going to London – to see a toy store.

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To Fly or Not to Fly…That is the Question.

Last night we were supposed to go to London.  Supposed to… that should say it all.  We were all very excited about this journey, one we have been talking about for months.  Aidan thought we were going weeks ago and has been talking about the impeding journey constantly.  So when we found out that we weren’t going, I think he may have been most devastated of all. Continue reading