More Cruising… Helsinki, Finland

It’s now August 6.  I feel like I have been writing blog posts forever about this cruise.  It was an amazing trip but I’m getting tired about blogging it – I think because it was so long ago and with all my computer issues, I delayed getting them done.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to write, but I really need to do these travel ones right after the visit or else I lose the drive to get it done.  So just plugging away now.

Helsinki.  It was ok.  I’d say out of all the places we went, this was probably not our favorite.  Of course, it was the stop immediately after a very impressive time in St. Petersburg so there a little let down there I think since it wasn’t as amazing as Russia.  Plus we were pretty exhausted after 2 – nine hour days of touring there.  Russia was the only stop where we did a formal tour – in all the other cities we did our own thing since Continue reading