Surprise Trip to Paris!

I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’m tired… every year there seems to be a lot of long weekends in the fall and we try to take advantage of every single one of them.  It’s exhausting… fun, but exhausting. When planning out the fall, Josh and I were trying to figure out where to go for this particular weekend. Knowing we may be going home in the summer has made us fast track some plans, one of which was Paris. Continue reading

Disneyland Paris – Day 3

Sunday started off a little more chaotic than we had planned.  We got up and we knew we had a voucher for breakfast for 9:15. We took our time getting ready and around 8:45 I took a look at the voucher to see where in the hotel the meal was taking place. Hmmmm… interesting…this voucher actually says the meal is in the park. Shit!!!! Josh still hadn’t showered and it was at least a 15 min walk with the kids thru the hotel, Continue reading

Disneyland Paris – Day 2

Day 2 we started off the day with a character breakfast at Cafe Mickey. The kids absolutely loved it. I have to say compared to how Aidan reacted when we went to Disney in 2008 this was night and day. He was in his element and trying to convince his little brother that it was ok to say hi to the characters. Oh how far we’ve come 😉 However, while Liam was apprehensive about meeting and touching the characters, his face was that of every parents’ dream that comes to Disney – that of true awe. That is the face I was hoping to get from Continue reading

Disneyland Paris – Day 1

Today was the big day we’ve been waiting (a whole 2 weeks) for – Disneyland Paris!! For those not in the know, we booked this trip just under 2 weeks ago on the spur of the moment. Josh had a long weekend available and Aidan is off of school for Semana Santa (Holy Week aka April vacation) and so off we go to Paris!! Or a suburb thereof… Continue reading