College Reunion, Barcelona Style

About a year ago, one of my best friends from college, Ursula, and I had started talking about her doing a trip out here to visit us with her family.  The plan was for them to go to France for a week to visit her host family and then a week here. We talked about it… a lot.  We researched flights.  But it was hard to pull the trigger and figure out what made more sense – fly into Barcelona and then take a local carrier to France or vice versa?  And we had to pin down the dates.  Before you know it, it was only a few months before the planned trip and the prices had gone up significantly.  The hopes for a visit seemed to be going down the drain. Continue reading

Exploring Provence (France)

Yes, it is time for yet another vacation.  You have to love Spain and these holidays.  Unlike in the US, here we celebrate the holiday on the actual day and then often times a company will offer a bridge day in between to make a long weekend.  So this past weekend was La Hispanidad, the Spanish version of Columbus Day.  The kids had a Professional Day on Fri and then Mon and Tuesday off so therefore it was time for yet another trip! Continue reading