The Reverse of the Curse of Collioure!

So my last 2 attempts to go to Collioure have not gone so well.  Last year when Meghan was visiting, the one day we had to go up to France, it was downpouring rain – I’d even go as far as calling it torrential.  The normal 2 hour journey took us closer to 4.  And it was pouring when we got there and somehow NOT ONE THING was open.  We had to opt for pizza and a quick run thru the rain and then less than an hour after we had arrived, we headed back to Barcelona.  Total fail.  But at least I was able to say that I took Meghan to France. Continue reading

L’Estartit, Costa Brava Vacation (Day 4) – Sigean Africaine Reserve, France


Today was the day we travelled to France. It really is cool knowing how close it is to get to – like driving to Maine…but it’s France!! We decided on the Sigean Africaine Reserve (not based on the rhino picture I assure you…) as a destination Our “trusty” GPS told us that we had just under 2 hours to go and off we went! Continue reading