It’s Been a While

It’s been 5 months since my last post.  In 8 years of blogging, I’ve never gone more than a few weeks, so 5 months feels like a lifetime.  I’ve been wanting to write and yet, I haven’t. I’ve hit a phase here where now that we’ve bought a house here in the Netherlands, I’m feeling rather content.  My blogging was a way to deal with frustrations, celebrate victories and more than anything, to have a record of this adventure for the kids when they got older.  But things change and so have I. Continue reading

From the Romantic Rhine to the Mosel Valley

Last weekend, Michelle and I did a road trip to Germany.  The first leg of the trip included the Romantic Rhine, studded with castles at every bend of the river.  But we knew that the best was yet to come – the Mosel Valley.  We had planned on covering the Mosel on our way to Trier on Saturday but time got away from us, so we decided to change our original plans and head back towards Koblenz (but not quite that far) on Sunday so we could cover the best part of the valley – from Bernkastel-Kues to Cochem. Continue reading

Roadtrip on the Romantic Rhine

From Düsseldorf, we made our way to the Romantic Rhine.  The Romantic part of the Rhine is actually the middle Rhine section located between Koblenz and Mainz.  This is where our roadtrip changed a little bit.  We had mistakenly assumed that most of the “romantic” part (meaning the castles) was just north of Koblenz.  In fact, it was actually south.  So our plan to drive to Koblenz and then head down the Mosel River to Trier had to be tweaked a little bit.  But more on that later.

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The (Mis)Adventures of Julie and Michelle Take Germany

It’s been 2 years since our last adventure.  But we’ve covered a lot in the years that I’ve been living abroad.  With roadtrips thru France, Monaco, Italy, Spain and Andorra, we’ve had some fun adventures.  So now that we are living in the Netherlands, it only makes sense that we should take a roadtrip adventure through Germany.  And so off we go…. Continue reading

Best Friends Together Again at Legoland Germany

So I’m a bit far behind in my blogging apparently.  Liam’s birthday was back in early May and he went to Legoland about a month ago as well.  You probably remember the happy dance Liam performed on his birthday when he found out he was meeting up with his BFF at Legoland right?  If not, you can see it here.  Well the time has come and gone and he and Josh headed off to Germany to meet up with Liam’s best friend Quinn and his dad.   Continue reading

Beer, Beer and Yup, More Beer… Must be Oktoberfest!!

Here it is, the moment we all (especially Josh) have been waiting for… OKTOBERFEST!!!!!  We spent 2 of our days in Munich at Oktoberfest and both were completely different experiences.  I wasn’t as prepared for this trip as I am with most.  While super excited to see our friends, beer doesn’t excite me and so I will admit to being a bit of a slacker when it came to planning things like getting a spot in a beer tent (I use the word tent loosely as it’s an actual building).  So suffice it to say, we did a lot of winging it during those two days but in the end, it worked out well and was relatively stress free.

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Reunion in Munich

This past weekend was the weekend Josh has waited his whole life for – Oktoberfest.  Second only to the birth of his children, this is probably the highlight of Josh’s time in Europe or for that matter, on Earth ;).

Just a quick side note before I go into our trip to Munich.  A moment of pride if you will.  On the way to the airport, the cabbie took us on a bit of a joyride so to speak, probably assuming we were tourists.  He claimed he got the Continue reading

The Christmas Journey Continues – Freiburg, Germany

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Strasbourg is the border of Germany. So on Monday, after a leisurely early morning, we headed off to visit Freiburg, Germany.  First though we did a quick spin thru the market by the Cathedral in Strasbourg since we didn’t have much time the night before and it was so crowded at night! Continue reading