A Final Night in Corfu

Because we had a 7AM flight off of Corfu on Sunday morning we decided that it was best to stay there for our final night in Greece.  Corfu is the island next to Paxos and significantly larger. We had considered Corfu when looking at places to go in Greece and while I’m sure it has it’s beautiful areas and plenty of beaches, I’m really glad we chose Paxos. Continue reading

What do you mean there is no ATM?

Tuesday we spent another day at the beach and then at 5, one of the 5 cabs on the island (I kid you not on this and we booked it last night to make sure we could get one) took us to Gaios, a town on the other side of the island and home to the only ATM on the island (again would have been nice info for the travel agency to share with us).  Yes we came here with some cash but given we were staying on the outskirts/walking distance to our town we figured if we needed a cash infusion we would just walk into town and get some.  Apparently that’s not the way it works on this island. Continue reading

Welcome to Paradise – Paxos, Greece

On Wednesday, Aug 12th we left Athens for what will be the final part of our VistaBreak and the final trip for this summer.  After a whirlwind of trips just in the last 8 weeks (we’ve hit 7 countries in that time!), I thought I’d be too exhausted to enjoy this one but I think after the few hours we’ve spent here on Paxos, there is no doubt that this will be our favorite.  Continue reading

Hi-Speed to Hydra

We only had 2 full days for Athens and we decided that one was really enough for the city for us.  The kids and I have been on the go for the entire summer and Josh has been with us for the last 2 weeks of it and those have been go go go as well.  So today was a day to go to a beach or do something more relaxing than touring the city.  So based on a suggestion from a friend of mine in BCN, we headed to Hydra (pronounced ee-dra) Island about 2 hours off the coast via hi-speed ferry. Continue reading

The Ruins of Athens

We only had one full day to explore Athens as our plan is to also go to Hydra island while we are here and then we are off to Paxos on Saturday. We left our hotel quickly in an attempt to catch the shuttle bus that was leaving at 10:30 – turns out the bus leaves the hotel at 10:15 so we were actually very early for the 11:30 one.  Oh well… that’s life right? Continue reading

Josh’s VistaBreak!!

As I’m sure all of you out there know, the reason we are living in Barcelona in the first place is because of Josh’s job.  Josh has been with Vistaprint for over 10 years now, not a small feat in a world where people are constantly job hopping.  So the majority of his tenure with VP was in their Waltham and then Lexington, MA offices and then a year a half ago we were off to Barcelona!  Continue reading