Rainy Day Exploration

It’s Ireland so of course, we know to expect rain.  As I write this, it’s looking semi-sunny so I’m hoping to get Josh and the kids out of the house so we can take advantage while we can.  But Sunday, our first full day here it was raining off and on.  This was probably good because we needed a bit of a lazy day and needed to do things like find the grocery store. Continue reading

Let the VistaBreak Begin!! First Stop – Fanore, Ireland…

First off, bear with me, our internet here is super slow so this post was actually supposed to be put up on Sunday – I’ll try to update as often as I can but they may be slightly delayed depending onthe daily speed of the internet.

Yesterday marked the beginning of our 3 week adventure for Josh’s VistaBreak.  We headed out of Barcelona around 8AM for our 10:30 flight and overall, the flight was uneventful and blissfully short (as compared to our recent trans-Atlantic flights home).  We landed in Dublin and headed for the car rental place. Continue reading